Minister of the Interior Soylu: Certificate of exemption issued to 10.5 million people

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Home Secretary Süleyman Soylu stressed that the league matches will be played in the Super League on Saturday and said: “I think there is a need to take steps to organize the celebrations after the full closure period” . mentionned.

Soylu visited the Interior Ministry’s Security and Emergency Coordination Center (GAMER), connected live to the provinces and received information on full closure measures, traffic and the ‘public order.

Soylu, who has been in contact with many people, especially in Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya, said the ministry’s units are responsible for providing peaceful vacations for citizens.

Having said that they will continue their efforts to pay attention to the full closure measures before the festival, Soylu said, “One of our biggest issues will be those who receive a travel document after the holidays. and inspections on the traffic roads that will create density should continue in the same way, ”he said.

Soylu said the following about Bayram’s measures:

“Our citizens are making great sacrifices. We ask that the holiday be celebrated as a nuclear family. Our measurements are valid until May 17 at 5:00 a.m. We share with our fellow citizens what will happen on May 17th, how and in what form.

645,000,834 people were granted travel permits and during the complete closure 10 million 544,000 people received a work exemption certificate. On interurban roads, 16,669 people are employed at 1,167 checkpoints.

We will continue to work “nonstop” on this holiday. We will be working during the holidays and our citizens will be in peace and security. We have posted a general traffic issue that will be valid from May 16 to 23. We have asked our traffic teams to be visible and to take communication, inspection and information measures. “

Soylu also made warnings about league games to be played in the Super League live with Istanbul Police Chief Zafer Aktaş. He recalled that the champion will be determined after the matches to be played on Saturday. Stating that there is a need for diplomacy in Istanbul for Saturday, Soylu said:


“If the championship celebrations spill over into the streets … Thanks to the people of Giresun and the people of Adana, the celebrations were at a minimum. There were pictures on the street, but no pictures were spreading everywhere. appealed on this issue. It is up to you and our governor to have a diplomatic negotiating method to do it later. I think it is necessary to take precautions. It can be done immediately afterwards. We believe that this will be exemplary mobility in Turkey.

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