Minister Özer: Keeping schools open is a matter of national security

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer made assessments on the education agenda and answered questions during the live broadcast he participated in on TRT Haber.

Providing information on the measures taken for face-to-face teaching in schools under Covid-19 conditions, Özer recalled that after a week of face-to-face teaching, only 198 of the 850,000 classrooms interrupted face-to-face teaching due to incidents or close contact.

Noting that there are 71,320 schools in total, of which 57,108 are public schools, Özer said, “We don’t have any schools that have been suspended due to the incident.

After it was stated that there were allegations that “schools will be closed in October” in groups formed by parents using cell phones, Minister Özer said:

“No, there is no such thing. We have determined the rules to be followed in our 71,320 schools and 850,000 classrooms. The continuation of the process is based on the cases, not on the schools. None of our schools is closed, but education has been interrupted in 198 classes due to incidents or close contact. Therefore, if the cases become widespread, we will make decisions about which classes are affected by the cases, we will not make decisions about the school, district or province. We maintain our original will, schools will remain open. There are decisions that we have made in light of current science. We will make updates. will continue the process, taking every precaution to keep our schools open. “


Stressing that everyone must take responsibility and pay attention to the precautions of face-to-face education, Minister Mahmut Özer said: “The fact that schools remain open is no longer just a question of education, it is a matter of national security. This is why our schools are the last institutions to close, unless there are as many extraordinary circumstances as possible.


Providing information on the vaccination rates of teachers and education staff, Özer said: “Our rate of teachers who received at least one dose of vaccination on August 6 was 73%, and it rose to 91% yesterday. . The Turkish average is 83. percent. In other words, 8 points higher than the Turkish average. The rate of teachers who received two or more doses of immunization, by contrast, fell from 59 percent on August 6 to 78 percent yesterday. Our teachers are running a very successful process not only in terms of their own health, but also by setting an example for society. I’m grateful, ”he said.


Minister Özer said they were coordinating with the Health Ministry about PCR testing for students in some schools, based on samples and obtaining parental consent.

Özer said: “There is no vaccine or PCR obligation for our students. The child will never be tested by PCR without the consent of the parent, ”he said.

Asked about the progress of distributing tablets to students, Özer said that nearly 2 million tablets have been distributed and said, “Rather than mass distributions, for example, we immediately identified the children who needed the tablets. tablets and computers in 198 classrooms where education was suspended due to incidents and their needs were met. If the child does not attend face-to-face schooling, we will continue to distribute tablets if they do not have any and if they need them, ”he said.


National Education Minister Mahmut Özer responded to a question regarding the receipt of applications with KPSS 2020 and 2021 scores in the appointment of 15,000 teachers, as follows:

“15,000 new appointments are not additional appointments, but a contribution made by our President to the education system in order to recruit 15,000 new teachers into our education system. As the Ministry of National Education, we are not in a position to make positive discrimination. for or against others entering a KPSS we must be fair We have granted the right to apply to all of our applicants whose deadlines have not expired i.e. all applicants who pass the KPSS in 2020 and 2021. Therefore, we do not have a mass of teachers waiting for appointments and who we have made unable to apply when they can apply. No mistake. We have opened the door equally to all teachers. “

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