Minister Pakdemirli: There will be no water shortage in any province

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli, NTV Ankara intelligence chief Ahmet Ergen answered questions.

Minister Pakdemirli announced that support for small-scale fishermen affected by sea saliva will increase from one thousand lire to 2,000 lire.

Pakdemirli announced the good news that 753 million lire will be paid to sheep and goat farmers this week.

Explaining the amount of water remaining in 3 metropolitan cities, Pakdemirli said, “We have 8 months of water in Istanbul. Istanbul closed this year. We have 8.5 months water in Ankara. We have 15 month old water in Izmir. We will not experience water shortages in any of our provinces. If the autumn rains do not fall, we must take action for Central Anatolia, ” he said.

The questions put to Minister Pakdemirli and the answers received are as follows;

President Erdoğan announced a decision to support farmers affected by drought. What does this support program contain, how will farmers benefit from this support?

Our farmer should not be upset with the seeds. Droughts can occur from time to time. Our farmer did not give up seeds. Unfortunately, we are going to lose some of our production this year. Precipitation has decreased by 27 percent. The meteorological drought, more severe this year than last year, will cause agricultural losses. There is no shortage of products in Turkey. 150 million lire will be financed for additional pressurized water systems. Ziraat Bank debts and agricultural loans have been postponed.

The mucilage problem … Marmara’s emergency action plan has been announced. What will the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry do about this?

Decisions will be taken after the Water Council. There are segments that are affected by this work. Our fishermen are also affected. We will increase our support for small fishermen from one thousand lire to 2,000 lire. Aid will be increased for fishermen affected by mucilage.

How will the drought be tackled?

600 dams have been completed over the past 19 years. We are building 150 underground dams. We need to use water effectively and efficiently. 80% of the water in Turkey is used for irrigation. We lose 35 to 60 percent of the water in wild irrigation.

What stage is the Water Council at?

We are a country under water stress. We are not a dry country, we are a candidate country to be a dry country. In October, we will announce the results of the council, which includes municipalities, universities, all public institutions.

How has the pandemic process affected agricultural production?

We have implemented intervention purchasing policies favorable to producers. We have increased grain support by 100 percent twice because of the drought. Agriculture grew 4.8 percent last year. Growth has been uninterrupted for 11 quarters. It means that the right things have been done here.


From this week we will start the support payments of 753 million lire for 24 million head of sheep and goats for 201,000 breeders as part of the support for sheep and goat broodstock.

What’s new on the dams? Do you have a water problem?

We have 76.8 months of water in Istanbul. Istanbul closed this year. It appears to be 23% in Ankara. The sign of this drought is that we have 8.5 months of water. Last year 27% in Izmir, now 35%. We also have 15 months of water in Izmir. Drinking water is at 54 percent and irrigation is 45 percent. We will not experience water shortages in any of our provinces. If the autumn rains do not fall, we must take action for Central Anatolia.


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