Minister’s instruction: Inspection of 5 chain stores

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The Commerce Ministry has taken action on the allegation of exorbitant prices in chain markets.

An inspector has been appointed to conduct an investigation by order of Minister Mehmet Muş.

Inspectors will determine whether exorbitant price increases have been made to a wide range of products from eggs pudding, pasta to rice, vegetables and fruit to cleaning products in 5 major market chains.

“As a ministry, we are determined to continue our fight against those who act against free competition and market conditions and harm consumers, and to take all kinds of measures within the legal framework,” the ministry statement said. .

On the other hand, exorbitant price controls in 81 provinces continue in accordance with citizens’ complaints.


President Erdogan, speaking to reporters in New York, addressed the issue of sky-high prices and used the following statements:

In this regard, these chain markets in particular have limitless applications. In the face of these limitless practices, we, as the Ministry of Commerce, will remedy them. From the whole producer to the consumer, the market chains bring together intense products here… There are 5 market chains. These round up this whole product. The markets switch with the product collected by these 5 channels.

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