Ministry Announcement: Electricity Has Been Provided To Flood Affected Areas In Western Black Sea Region

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources announced that electricity supply is being provided to all towns and villages affected by the flooding in the western Black Sea region on August 18 at 7:00 p.m.

In the written statement made by the ministry, it was stated that the power distribution lines were damaged due to heavy rains which started on Wednesday August 11 and caused catastrophic flooding in Bartın, Kastamonu and Sinop. “Electricity could not be supplied to 395 villages for security reasons or damage to energy infrastructure. 38,326 subscribers were affected by the outages in the first place, ”he said.


With that, Başkent EDAŞ, which distributes electricity to Bartın and Kastamonu, Yeşilırmak EDAŞ, which distributes electricity to Sinop, the ministry and TEDAŞ teams quickly moved to the region and began to repair damaged energy infrastructure .

“The distribution companies continued their work with a total of 887 people, 321 generators, 281 vehicles, 6 mobile transformers and 6 drones in the works concentrated in Kastamonu and Sinop. Following intensive work in the region, the number of villages without electricity decreased to 41 on Monday August 16. The number of transformers affected by the flood decreased to 135 and the number of subscribers affected by the outages to 4,147.

The teams ensured the energy supply in a safe and progressive manner with the rule of “the safety of our fellow citizens first”. All district centers were energized from the first day after the disaster. By the end of the first day, 50 percent of the village, transformer and subscribers were live, and by the end of the third day, 77 percent. The number of villages, transformers and subscribers supplied each day has been gradually increased. On August 18, at 7:00 p.m., electricity was supplied to all towns and villages affected by the flooding.


Pointing out that for the first time in Turkey, mobile generators and electricity poles were transported to the region by helicopter to provide electricity to rural areas where transport possibilities were limited due to flooding, and said:

“Thanks to the mobile generators that can be quickly integrated into the system, on the one hand, citizens have been prevented from being without electricity during maintenance and repair work. In order to minimize the effects of the flood, the electricity bill and payments of our fellow citizens affected by the disaster will be postponed for 3 months. The declaration of the subscribers will be considered as the basis of the deferral to the first stage. and at night during this process. We wish God’s mercy for our citizens who lost their lives in the flood, patience for their loved ones, and a speedy recovery for our injured citizens.

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