Ministry Circular: A PCR test may be requested once a week from unvaccinated workers

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security has taken important decisions in the context of pandemic measures to be applied in the workplace.

In a letter sent to the governorate of 81 provinces, the ministry asked employers to notify workers who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 and allowed employers to request PCR tests once a week from workers not vaccinated.

In the letter sent to the governorates, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security recalled that monitoring the implementation of measures to ensure health and safety at work is one of the main missions of the ministry.

He explained the principles of the PCR test that employers will ask their workers and educate workers about the risks and precautions of Covid-19.

In the letter from the Ministry, it was pointed out that employers are required to inform all their workers about protective and preventive measures against health and safety risks that may be encountered in the workplace.

Employers have been asked to inform their workers in writing that the Covid-19 vaccine has not been completed.

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