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Mustafa Cengiz, former president of Galatasaray, was taken to intensive care.

Cengiz, who fell ill at home in the morning, was taken to hospital.

It was learned that the next 72 hours were critical for Mustafa Cengiz, who was taken to intensive care.


It was reported that there were no life threatening findings from Mustafa Cengiz, the former president of the Galatasaray Club, who was hospitalized due to his illness.

Professor of Medical Oncology at Acıbadem Maslak Hospital. Dr. Yeşim Eralp, in a statement on Cengiz’s health, said:

“Our patient, Mustafa Cengiz, was brought to our hospital after being sick at home and having a seizure during scheduled procedures. He was treated urgently and his condition was brought under control very quickly. discovery has been detected. Mr. Cengiz is still in follow-up in the hospitalization department. “

Galatasaray Club President Burak Elmas shared on his social media account that they are closely monitoring Cengiz’s treatment process and said: “We believe he will overcome this difficult process and we wish him a speedy recovery.”

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