New circular from the Ministry of the Interior on PCR tests

A circular on “the obligation of the PCR test” was sent to 81 provincial governorates before face-to-face training by the Ministry of the Interior.

In the circular, it is stated in the circular that those who have not been vaccinated or have had no illness before, will be asked to undergo a PCR test twice a week, and the results of the PCR tests will be requested by school administrations, including teachers, educational staff, canteens, drivers and supervisory staff of student shuttles. It was specified that the registers will be kept in order to take the necessary measures.

In the circular stressing that vaccination is of great importance for the successful continuation of the fight against the epidemic and to ensure a permanent and lasting normalization by completely eliminating the negative economic and social effects of the epidemic, it was requested to focus on information and referral activities aimed at eliminating the anxieties and hesitations of those who hesitate to be vaccinated.

In the circular, the PCR test with negative result is mandatory for people whose vaccination process has not been completed or who did not have the disease by Monday, September 6, for participation in activities such as concerts, cinemas and theaters, or for interurban travel by plane, bus, train or other public transport vehicles.

In the circular recalling that unvaccinated teachers and school personnel, who are required to meet students, are required to meet students for PCR testing twice a week, in the “Guide to precautions to be taken in schools during the Kovid-19 epidemic ”published by the Ministry of National Education on August 24, 2021, the following information has been included:


“If the people / staff, including teachers, education staff, canteen staff, drivers and student service guides, who will accompany the students, are not in a state of vaccinated / past disease (depending on the period considered scientifically immune after Kovid-19 disease), these people will be selected. They will be asked to undergo a PCR test twice a week. The results will be recorded by the school administration for the necessary actions.

People who wish to enter areas where the requirement of a negative PCR test is required (school, cinema, theater, concert, etc.) or who will use intercity public transport (plane, train, bus, etc.) , whether the vaccination process is complete or the person who had the disease, should check Hayat Eve By checking the Sığar (HES) app, they will be able to know if they should get a negative PCR test report. Citizens aged 18 and over with a negative result in the PCR test, which will be asked of people whose vaccination process has not been completed or who have not had the disease, at the entrance to certain neighborhoods (school, cinema, theater, concert, etc.) or when using intercity public transport (plane, train, bus, etc.).

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