New club president announced

The new chairman of the Süper Lig Club Association Foundation has been announced. Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi announced that Ahmet Ağaoğlu is the new President of the Clubs Association.

Making a statement after the Union of Clubs Foundation meeting, Ahmet Nur Cebi heralded the new era by stating: “I left the presidency of the Union of Clubs, which I started 6 years ago. months of my own volition. The new president is the president of Trabzonspor, Ahmet Ağaoğlu. ”

Making a statement after the Cebi, Ahmet Ağaoğlu said: “I would like to thank both my chairman Ahmet Nur Çebi and former chairman Mehmet Sepil, who presided over the most difficult period in Turkish football. There are problems. economic and sporting which we must solve immediately. We will try to get out of here with the least damage “, he declared.

Noting that professionalism should come as soon as possible in the Union of Clubs, Ağaoğlu said: “We got the agreement of 21 clubs at the general assembly to become the Süper Lig AS in the next step. In the next process, we will start our work to achieve a professional structure.

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