New development in the Büyükşen murder (What happened in the Büyükşen murder?)

In the ongoing case concerning the murder of Necla Büyükşen (54 years old) and Metin Büyükşen (55 years old) 3 years ago in Konya, with a shotgun, the special team set up for the incident conducted an operation this morning.

24 people were arrested in the operation.


In the work carried out by the gendarmerie for about 3 years, the murder suspect could not be reached. The couple’s pediatrician son Osman Büyükşen joined social media and a TV show to shed light on the murder and began to search for his parents’ killer.

Following Osman Büyükşen’s attempts, a special team established within the Gendarmerie Criminal Investigation Team (JASAT) affiliated with the Konya Provincial Gendarmerie Command, with instructions from the General Gendarmerie Command, began to work to solve the murder.

The special team of the gendarmerie organized an operation at many addresses in the Ismail district. During the operation, 24 people, including the daughters of the couple Büşra Büyükşen, her older brother Uğur Büyükşen and her husband Betül Büyükşen, her father Muammer Büyük Doğrucan and Mehmet Ali Dayanır, were arrested. The suspects were taken to the gendarmerie.

The questioning of 24 people detained in connection with the murder of the Büyükşen couple continues. Their daughter Büşra Büyükşen, who was at home at the time of the murder of the Büyükşen couple and allegedly pretended to be dead after the assailant hit her head with the butt of his rifle, jumped out of her bedroom window and a car belonging to his passing neighbors was taken to the house where the incident took place for reconnaissance as part of the questioning.

Konya’s public prosecutor, Ramazan Solmaz, and deputy commanders of the provincial gendarmerie participated in the discovery, as well as the son of the deceased couple, Osman Büyükşen, who was a pediatrician. Occasionally, Osman Büyükşen questioned his brother Büşra Büşşen about the day of the incident. Büşra Büyükşen explained how the incident happened, how the perpetrator entered the house, how she jumped out of the bedroom window and escaped.

Büşra Büyükşen’s car, belonging to its neighbors, was brought to the discovery area on the day of the incident. Büşra Büyükşen also showed how she stopped the car and which side she got in and sat down. During the reconnaissance, the gendarmerie command teams took important security measures around the house and in certain places in the neighborhood.


Turkey heard about the case when the couple’s youngest son Osman Büyükşen appeared on a TV show to shed light on the murder.

In the incident on September 3, 2018, the person wearing a ski mask entered the house belonging to Metin Büyükşen, the door of which was open. The suspect shot retired officer Metin Büyükşen and his wife Necla Büyükşen.

According to the assertion of Büşra Büyükşen, 24, the couple’s daughter, the assailant also hit Büşra Büyükşen with the butt of a rifle. Büşra Büyükşen got into her neighbors’ car and went to the gendarmerie and told the story.

The gendarmerie teams who came to the house found the lifeless bodies of the Necla-Metin Büyükşen couple. Büşra Büyükşen was also transported to Konya Numune hospital by ambulance by health officials.

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