New roles for 141 generals and admirals of the Turkish armed forces

The Chief of Staff of the General Staff Selçuk Bayraktaroğlu, who was promoted to the rank of titular general in the Supreme Military Council (YAŞ), was appointed 2nd Chief of the General Staff, which he served by proxy.

With the appointment decisions published in the Official Gazette with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the places of service of 141 generals and admirals of the command of the land, naval and air forces have changed.

With this decision, 85 generals from the Land Forces Command, 26 Admirals from the Naval Forces Command and 30 Generals from the Air Force Command were appointed.

According to the land forces command appointment decisions, Chief of General Staff Selçuk Bayraktaroğlu, who was promoted to full general in YAŞ, was appointed 2nd Chief of General Staff, which he exercised by proxy.

Ali Sivri, who has been promoted to the rank of full general at YAŞ, will continue his duty as commander of the Aegean army with his new rank.

Major General Yavuz Türkgenci, Chief of the Plan Principles General Staff, was appointed to command the 3rd Army, and 3rd Corps Commander, Lieutenant General Kemal Yeni, was appointed to the command of the 1st Army.

Commander of the 6th Mechanized Infantry Division and Joint Special Task Force (MÖGK) Lieutenant-General Levent Ergün Commander of the 3rd Corps, Chief of Staff NATO Land Command Lieutenant-General Metin Tokel Commander of the 6th Corps and MÖGK, Commander of the 2nd Corps Major-General Mustafa Oğuz, Head of NATO Land Command Staff will serve as

While Major General Bahtiyar Ersay, Chief of Land Forces Command Operations, was appointed to the General Staff Command as Commander of the Azerbaijan Task Group, Major General Sıtkı Varlı, Commander of Land Forces Logistics, was appointed Deputy General Director of Military Factories at the Ministry of National Defense and Major General İlkay Altındağ, Commander of the 1st Special Forces Brigade, were appointed Chief of the Operations Staff . Chief of General Staff of Division Sebahattin Kılınç and Commander of the Military Academy Major General Gültekin Yaralı will continue his duties with his new ranks.

The Head of the Training Department of the General Staff, Major General Rafet Kılıç, has been appointed Chief of Operations of the Land Forces Command, the Secretary General of the General Staff, Major General Fedai Ünsal, was appointed Chief of Logistics, and Deputy Chief of the General Intelligence Staff, Major General Tuncay Altuğ, was appointed Chief of Communications and Information Systems Department of the Ministry of Defense national.

Kadir Yıldız, who was promoted to Vice Admiral at YAŞ according to the Naval Forces Command appointment decisions, will continue his duties as Commander of the Southern Naval Zone with his new rank.

The Chief of the Logistics General Staff Rear Admiral İbrahim Özdem Koçer has been appointed Commander of the Northern Naval Zone and the Commander of the Mine Fleet, Rear Admiral Ayhan Gedik, has been appointed Command of the naval education and training.

According to the appointment decisions of the Air Force Command, the Commander of the 2nd Main Jet Base, Lieutenant General Rafet Dalkıran, has been appointed Chief of the Intelligence Staff; Air Force Command Chief of Operations Major General Erdoğan Gür has been appointed to command the 2nd Main Jet Base.

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