Official letter from Speaker of Parliament to Minister Soylu (politician’s claim receiving 10,000 dollars)

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“Who is the politician who received a salary of 10,000 dollars from the head of the criminal organization Sedat Peker?” the debate remains on the agenda.

Parliament Speaker Mustafa Şentop sent a letter to Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who made the request, asking him to make a statement.

Details of the content of the letter Şentop sent to Süleyman Soylu have come to light.

According to the information obtained; Şentop wrote in his official letter to the Home Office on May 27: “The Veterans’ Parliament should not be cited for such allegations.

Declaring that the deputies should not be suspected, Şentop requested that all information and documents be transmitted to the judicial authorities and to the Presidency of the Assembly in order to initiate the legal procedure.

Thus, the issue that occupied the political agenda for days was officially transmitted to the Ministry of the Interior by the Presidency of the Assembly.

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