Ömer Çelik: Kabul airport should be assessed for national security

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AK Party spokesman Ömer Çelik made statements during the press conference regarding the VQA meeting.

Highlights of Ömer Çelik’s statements:

At the meeting, we discussed environmental protection. We will educate our citizens more about the environment. The absence of mucilage is now good news. However, the fact that it cannot be seen on the surface should not lead us to complacency.


Our Honorable Speaker will attend the commemoration ceremony at the July 15 Monument on July 15, tomorrow at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Over 3,000 programs are coordinated by our Communications Branch for delivery at home and abroad. With the strong will of the nation, they could not achieve their goals.


Turkey has by no means taken a place here as a fighting power. At this point, NATO is withdrawing from there. If Kabul airport is not protected in one way or another, big problems will arise. Turkey is not an occupying power. When you look at it from a geopolitical point of view, Afghanistan should not be seen as a country far from Turkey.

This is a question which must be assessed both in the light of our historical relations and in the context of Turkey’s national security, its fight against immigration and its fight against drug trafficking.


As I said before about the Constitution, the People’s Alliance will turn its work into common work. Our work will probably have evolved after the party. Later, we will work to make it a unique text within the Popular Alliance.


This treatment cannot be respected in good faith. What is done here is not incompatible with sportsmanship or goodwill. He made the right decision in Galatasaray from there. You will invite them to a friendly match and you will be treated so rude.

Of course, we want to be sure that there will be no more problems with our teams going to Greece from now on. They have committed an unforgivable disrespect. The necessary measures have already been taken. We will continue to follow up.

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