Ömer Çelik: Turkey is unable to take in another refugee

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The AK Party Central Executive Council (MYK) met under the chairmanship of AK Party Chairman and Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. After the meeting, party spokesman Ömer Çelik made statements.

Highlights of Çelik’s statements:


After that, Turkey is not able to take in a single refugee. Turkey is not a country on which anyone can impose their responsibility. We make these warnings especially against the influx of refugees through Afghanistan.

Everyone should take their responsibilities to prevent Afghan immigration.


The Turkish armed forces had been providing security at the airport for 6 years. We have diplomatic initiatives in this period of transition. We are continuing our contacts with the Taliban.

There shouldn’t be any past practices of women’s rights. The operation of the airport is assessed when the safety of our teams is ensured.

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