One-off MIT operation in northern Iraq: Mahmur’s leader of the KCK was neutralized

Hasan Adır, nicknamed “Salih Cizre”, the so-called Mahmur KCK officer, was neutralized during a one-off operation by the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) near the Mahmur camp controlled by the PKK / KCK in northern Iraq.

According to information received from security sources, an operation was carried out against the so-called Mahmur leader of the KCK, Hasan Adır, who was followed by MIT for some time.

Adır, codenamed “Salih Cizre”, wanted by Interpol with a red notice, was neutralized during the operation near the Mahmur camp in northern Iraq.

It was determined that Adır carried out its activities in coordination with Selman Bozkur, the senior PKK official, who was neutralized some time ago, and the so-called general officer of Mahmur. It was learned that Adır had previously been in charge of the PKK / KCK in Süleymaniye, and in 2010 it was determined that he had operated as an official of the PKK in Germany.

Security forces neutralized successor Al Muhammed, nicknamed “Sofi Nurettin”, who was in the “red category” on the list of wanted by terrorists, and was one of the so-called top leaders of the PKK / KCK , in an operation carried out in May last month.

During the operation in the first week of June, Selman Bozkur, the so-called senior PKK executive and Mahmur’s general manager, was killed.

Hasan Adır, the so-called Mahmur leader of the KCK, has become the third so-called high-level terrorist neutralized recently.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared that the separatist terrorist organization would not be allowed to use Mahmur as an “incubation center” and declared: “We will continue to dry up terrorism at its source”.

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