Operation FETÖ in 7 provinces: 19 detention warrants

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As part of the FETO investigations carried out by the Istanbul General Prosecutor’s Office for Terrorism and Organized Crime, on the analysis of the ByLock encrypted messaging program and the diagnoses carried out with confessors, they were in the organization of the current request and placed a large number of students who came to Istanbul to study in the universities of Anatolia. A custody warrant was issued for 19 specific persons.

Teams from the Istanbul Regional Directorate of the Istanbul Police Department and the Istanbul Regional Directorate of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) maintained control over the students who were heading to their hometown after the suspension of face-to-face education during the pandemic and they were determined to stop the suspects determined to give organizational instructions through their messaging programs launched a concurrent operation in the province.

As part of the ongoing operation, it was reported that large numbers of suspects had been arrested and address searches were continuing.

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