Pentagon: we don’t think there is a second explosion near Kabul airport

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The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) announced that there was only one suicide bombing yesterday near Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, and they did not believe there was a second explosion, unlike the first reports.

United States Chiefs of Staff Regional Operations Director Major General William “Hank” Taylor and Pentagon spokesman John Kirby assessed the latest developments in Afghanistan at a conference. hurry.

Taylor, who has denied reports of a second explosion outside the Baron Hotel near Kabul airport, said: “We will share more details about the explosion at the entrance to the abbey. , but we do not believe there was a second attack at or near the Hotel Baron. There was only one suicide bomber. We don’t know how the error happened, but it is normal to be confused in such events. noted.

In the statement made by the Pentagon, it was also stated that the plan to complete the evacuations by August 31 is still valid.

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