Police chiefs decree in the Official Gazette: new chief of police appointed with 33

According to the decree issued with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Chief of Police of Afyonkarahisar Gürsel Yıldız, Bartin Police Chief Çetin Bozkuş, the police chief of Diyarbakır Şükrü Yaman, Bulent Sensoy, police chief of Erzincan, the police chief of Iğdır Hüseyin Göllüce, Metin Akay, Chief of Police of Isparta, the police chief of Kırıkkale Günter Şenses, Niğde Police Chief Ömer Faruk KarataşTekirdag Police Chief Mehmet Erdugan and Chief of the Trabzon Provincial Police Metin Alper He was appointed to command the General Directorate of Security and taken to the center.

The appointments made to the security directorates of 33 provinces by decree of appointment are as follows:

– Amasya Police Chief Fahri Bulut at the Kırıkkale Police Department

– Bitlis Police Chief Yaman Ağırlar at Eskişehir Police Department

– Bolu Police Chief Armağan Adnan Erdoğan at Tokat Police Department

– Çankırı Police Chief Sadettin Aksoy, Bolu Police Department

– Edirne Police Chief Ali Kemal Kurt at Amasya Police Department

– Erzurum Police Chief Mehmet Aslan at Mersin Police Department

– Eskişehir Police Chief Engin Dinç, Konya Police Department

– The police chief of Giresun Fahri Aktaş at the police department of Zonguldak

– Hakkari Provincial Police Chief Atanur Aydın, Van Police Department

– Izmir Police Chief Hüseyin Askin at the Diyarbakir Police Department

– Kilis Police Chief Mahmut Karabulut at the Mardin Police Department

– Mersin Police Chief Mehmet Şahne, Izmir Police Department

– Siirt Police Chief Saruhan Kızılay at Giresun Police Department

– Sivas Police Chief Kenan Aydogan at the Trabzon Police Department

– Sirnak Police Chief Mustafa Emre Başbuğ, Gaziantep Police Department

– Tokat Police Chief Göksel Topaloğlu at Yalova Police Department

– Tunceli Police Chief Yılmaz Delen at Çankırı Police Department

– Yalova Police Chief Mehmet Hakan Fındık, Tekirdag Police Department

– Zonguldak Police Chief Ahmet Metin Turanlı at Isparta Police Department

– Chief Inspector of Police Ali Temiz, Afyonkarahisar Police Department

– Chief Inspector of Police Salavat Mete Pınar at Hakkari Police Department

– Chief Inspector of Police Şakir Engin Korkmaz at Bartın Police Department

– Chief Inspector of Police Celal Özcan at the Bitlis Police Department

– Chief Inspector of Police Kenan Kurt at the Erzincan Police Department

– Chief Inspector of Police Ahmet Kurt at the Kilis Police Department

– Chief Inspector of Police Adnan Özdemir at Niğde Police Department

– Chief Inspector of Police Halit Aziz Yılmaz at Siirt Police Department

– Chief Inspector of Police Burhan Akçay at Sivas Police Department

– Chief Inspector of Police, Cemal Dalman, Şırnak Police Department

– Chief Inspector of Police Tolga Yılmaz at Tunceli Police Department

– Head of the Public Security Department Levent Tuncer, at the Erzurum Police Department

– Oğuzhan Yonca, Deputy Head of the Department for Combating Smuggling and Organized Crime, at the Iğdır Police Department

– Istanbul Adile Sadullah Mermerci Vocational Police School Director Mustafa Alçalar at Edirne Police Department


The Home Affairs Advisor has been appointed to 27 overseas missions.

In the statement made by the General Directorate of Security, it was indicated that with the presidential decision published in the Official Gazette, the provincial police chiefs of 33 provinces were changed, and with the approval of the Presidency, the adviser in Home Affairs has been appointed to 27 missions abroad, 26 in the Security Services class and one in the Civil Administration Services class.

Diyarbakır Police Chief Şükrü Yaman, who was taken to the center, visited Austria; Kırıkkale Police Chief Günter Şenses visits Bulgaria; Tekirdağ Police Chief Mehmet Erdoğan has been appointed in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Trabzon Police Chief Metin Alper in Sudan as Home Affairs Advisor. Bartın Provincial Police Chief Çetin Bozkuş has been appointed Deputy Chief of Intelligence.

In addition, Selami Hüner, Deputy Chief of Police, Belgium; Lütfi Çiçek, Head of the Interpol – Europol Department, Qatar; Özer Korkmaz, Head of Department for Immigration Trafficking and Border Barriers, Cyprus; The head of the witness protection department, İlker Arslan, has been appointed internal affairs adviser in Macedonia and head of the aviation department, Uygar Elmastaşı, in Greece.

The assignments of the Internal Affairs Advisor at missions abroad are as follows:

– Police chief of Diyarbakır Şükrü Yaman, Austria – Vienna

– Police chief of Kırıkkale Günter Şenses, Bulgaria – Sofia

– Tekirdag Police Chief Mehmet Erdugan, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo

– Police chief of Trabzon Metin Alper, Sudan – Khartoum

– Deputy Chief of Police Selami Hüner, Belgium – Brussels

– Chief Inspector of Police Subutay Eraslan, Presidency of the Board of Inspectors, United States – Permanent Mission of New York to the UN

– Chief Inspector of the Teoman Kuru Board of Inspection, United States – Washington

– Deputy Chief of Special Operations Abdullah Dundar, Afghanistan – Kabul

– Chief Inspector of Police of the Inspectorate Board Deniz Alemdar, China – Beijing

– Chief Civil Inspector Ali Baştürk, Denmark – Copenhagen

– Chief Inspector of Police of the Sefer Smart Inspection Commission, France – Paris

– Chief Inspector of Police Necmettin Akça, Head of the Inspection Board, Georgia – Tbilisi

– Head of Foreign Relations Department Volkan Imişci, Netherlands – The Hague

– Head of Information and Communications Technology Department Kemal Şahin, England – London

– Chief Inspector of Police Cengiz Erisir, Head of the Inspection Board, Iran – Tehran

– Chief Inspector of Police, Head of Inspection Office Gafur Cem Cehdioğlu, Italy – Rome

– Director of the Adana Professional Police School (POMEM) Naim Cengiz, Canada – Ottawa

– Head of Interpol-Europol Department Lütfi Çiçek, Qatar – Doha

– Chief Inspector of Police, Inspectorate Board İsmail Akıntürk, Kazakhstan – Astana

– Head of Department of Immigration Trafficking and Border Barriers Özer Korkmaz, Cyprus – Nicosia

– Chief Inspector of Police, Chief Inspector of the Inspectorate Board İsmail Yılmaz, Hungary – Budapest

– Head of Witness Protection Department İlker Arslan, Macedonia – Skopje

– Murat Karausta, Director of the Balikesir Ayvalık Police Morale Training Center (PMEM), Uzbekistan – Tashkent

– Chief Inspector of Police, Head of Inspection Office Recep Akcan, Romania – Bucharest

– Deputy Head of Private Security Supervision Emrullah Gölcük, Russia – Moscow

– Ankara PMEM Director Hikmet PMEzmen, Ukraine – Kiev

– Head of Aviation Department, Uygar Elmastaşı, Greece – Athens

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