President Erdoğan announced: PCR test is mandatory for those who are not vaccinated

The presidential cabinet meeting, chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, met today with the increase in pandemic cases, with the education agenda face to face.

The meeting lasted 5 hours and 20 minutes. President Erdoğan made statements after the meeting.

Erdogan announced the epidemic measures to be taken during the face-to-face training, which is scheduled to begin on September 6. Thus, PCR tests will be requested twice a week from unvaccinated teachers. In addition, unvaccinated students and employees at universities will need to take regular tests.

Highlights of Erdogan’s speeches:


In our country, fires in 54 different provinces in 2021 affected around 150,000 hectares of land. Our State fought against the fires with all its means from the first moment. Only 72,000 decares of planted and planted area were damaged by the fires that started after July 28.

Our fellow citizens whose houses have become totally unusable will receive their new house within one year at the latest. Our burning forests will be rekindled in accordance with article 169 of our constitution. It will not be used for any other purpose, including agriculture and tourism.


Catastrophic floods have occurred in Rize and Artvin in the eastern Black Sea region and in Bartın, Sinop and Kastamonu in the western Black Sea region. After the catastrophic floods, all our institutions mobilized. On the one hand, research and scanning, on the one hand, removal of debris, on the other hand, damage assessment work continues.

The plans for the houses to be rebuilt after the flood are ready, we will start construction soon.

Our greatest regret is that we lost so many lives. So far, 78 of our fellow citizens have lost their lives. The search for missing citizens continues.

It is seen that precipitation will continue in different parts of the Black Sea. We invite our fellow citizens to be cautious and our institutions to increase their precautions.

We will further strengthen our specialized institution on disasters, AFAD.


With the opening of the Assembly, we are determined to prevent pollution in this area by putting social media regulation similar to Europe’s on the agenda.


We are in a very good position in terms of vaccine supply. We have already surpassed the population of our country by exceeding 87 million of the total number of vaccines. We’re heading towards 46 million people on the first dose and 35 million on the second dose. However, we see that some sections of our country still approach the vaccine with hesitation. Vaccination studies are and will be managed on a voluntary basis. If there was another precautionary measure against this epidemic, we would not hesitate to apply it. However, there is currently no method of protection other than vaccination.

I would like to point out that most of the patients who have been hospitalized, taken to intensive care, intubated and died from the epidemic in recent times are not vaccinated.

Once again, I call on all my citizens to get vaccinated immediately.


Keep in mind that the future of millions of elementary, high school, high school and university students who wait to return to school in September depends on how far they travel in this regard.


With the start of face-to-face teaching in schools on September 6, we will ask teachers and staff who have not yet been vaccinated with the student to do PCR tests at least twice a week. Likewise, we will require regular PCR testing from academic staff and students.


We will also implement mandatory PCR testing applications for activities such as concerts, theaters and cinemas where people are present.


There are absolutely 1.5 million Afghans in our country, as the opposition claims, these are all lies. Our goal is first and foremost the stability and security of Afghanistan.

We are aware of the troubles caused by irregular migrants in our country. Of course, Turkey is not a passing hostel. In our country, the law is for everyone, and our guests are no exception. Turkey has no responsibility, duty or obligation to be Europe’s repository for refugees. So far, around 450,000 Syrians have returned to the areas our country has secured.

In our country, the law is for everyone. Our guests are no exception. However, we do not close our eyes to those who want to appease refugees for their dirty agenda.

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