President Erdoğan: Forest fires are an international threat like the Covid-19, even a terrorist threat

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Breaking news! Highlights from President Erdogan’s statements;

As in many parts of the world, there has been a sharp increase in forest fires in our country, and there should be no room for politics here.

187 fires broke out in 8 days. Of these fires, there are currently 15 fires in progress and some of them are under control.

There are 16 planes at the moment, this has increased to 20 with today’s arrivals. In addition, there are 51 helicopters. These are always on, functional. Russia sent us 3 planes and 4 helicopters. Why there are no planes, why there are no helicopters, the terror of lies is spreading.

We continue to fight the fire, there is no escape and we continue.

Who is responsible for fires, etc. in residential areas? It is also the responsibility of the metropolitan municipalities there.

Turkish politics are unopposed politics. Terror of the opposition is blowing in Turkey. Is there “terrorism of lies” in Turkey? Who does it, opposition. Some call it a “perception operation”, but it is actually called lie terrorism.

Be honest, be sincere. If you have a point, do it honestly. Be honest so that they think he’s a man, we’re going for something. But unfortunately, that does not exist. I have a one-sentence response to Mr. Kemal. There is no such authority that I have given to my Minister of Culture and Tourism.

If these places are on fire, our lungs are also on fire. We will do everything we can until the end.

Forest fires are an international threat, even a terrorist threat, like the Covid-19, which the whole world is currently fighting.

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