President Erdogan had a telephone conversation with the Greek Prime Minister

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According to the statement made by the Communications Directorate of the Presidency, during the meeting, regional issues, especially developments in Afghanistan and immigration, and bilateral relations were discussed.

During the meeting, President Erdoğan and Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis wished each other an early recovery for the forest fires in both countries.

President Erdoğan has declared that they have brought the forest fires in Turkey under control and are ready to help fight the forest fires in Greece.

Expressing satisfaction at the start of meetings between the institutions concerned regarding the mechanisms and projects included in the joint action plan on economic and trade relations, President Erdoğan indicated that the meetings of the High-level Cooperation Council should be relaunched. .

Declaring that Afghanistan is once again going through a critical period, President Erdoğan said that he wanted a smooth transition in Afghanistan, that the new government that will be put in place should be inclusive and representative, reflecting the diversity of the Afghan people, and that the Taliban will meet with some Republican leaders for the transition period, said they find it promising in this regard.

President Erdoğan stressed that if a transition period cannot be established in Afghanistan, the pressure on migration, which has already reached high levels, will increase further and this situation will be a serious challenge for everyone.

Stating that the European Union should help the Afghan people in Afghanistan and neighboring countries, especially Iran, President Erdoğan said that if the necessary measures are not taken in Afghanistan and Iran, a new wave of migration is inevitable, and that they are in contact with Iran He said that they have taken additional measures at the borders with Iran.

President Erdoğan stressed that cooperation on migration should be strengthened on the basis of mutual understanding and interests.

Stating that they expected the European Union to sincerely fulfill its obligations under the March 18 agreement, President Erdoğan said declaring Turkey as a safe third country does not abolish international obligations and that they expected sincere cooperation in this regard.

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