President Erdoğan: I will give good news in TRNC

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke after the Friday prayers.

Announcing at the start of his speech that his visit to Cyprus on Monday would be with a large delegation, President Erdoğan said he would also return on Tuesday.

“I want to deliver the good news in Northern Cyprus to the parliament there, we have taken a good step, we have completed the preliminary work,” Erdogan said.

Highlights of President Erdogan’s speech:

In light of the information we have received, the extent of the disaster is very, very large in Germany.

In the flood disaster in Rize, including in my own district, we currently have 6 dead, apart from 2 injured. I wish God’s mercy on our dead. May Allah protect us from such disasters. We are currently following it, and of course we will do what is necessary with all our means.

As of July 15, a total of 3,876 projects were completed nationally and internationally. Various marches, exhibitions, commemorations took place.

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