President Erdogan: Muslims Should Speak Out Against Injustice

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the 4th General Assembly of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum with a video message.

Wishing the General Assembly to be successful and conducive to the good fortune of young people and the entire Islamic world, Erdoğan addressed the young people who attended the General Assembly in person or online from different corners. of the Islamic world.

Claiming to have witnessed one of the most turbulent periods in human history, Erdoğan said that the security concerns, terrorist activities and epidemics that constantly occupy the global agenda do not fully realize the much desired peace.

Stressing that these problems, which threaten all of humanity, have unfortunately left deep traces in Islamic geography, President Erdoğan said:

“Muslims struggling with conflict, migration, poverty and disease in a vast geographic area stretching from Syria to Afghanistan, on the other hand, must fight against the rise of Islamophobia and cultural racism,” especially in western society. Almost every day, in the countries which are supposed to be the cradles of democracy, their faith, We hear the news of a brother who has been harassed and discriminated against because of his headscarf, costume. Likewise, our hearts are broken with the pain of the oppressed who lost their lives in the desert or at sea due to the instability in their country. It is not possible that this unjust order, in which exploitation prevails, will last any longer.


President Erdogan, Turkey is on all terrains and on all occasions, “The world is greater than five.” Emphasizing that he has drawn attention to global injustice by stating: “As the people commanded by amr-i bil maruf and nehy-i anil munkar, none of us can afford to watch from afar. this bad course. Muslims must now take responsibility for their own peace and well-being as well as for the security and future of all mankind, “They should raise their voices more in the face of the injustices they witness”, a- he declared.

Stating that the way to achieve this is mainly to establish the Islamic brotherhood and extinguish the fire of conflict which is constantly burning by the imperialists, Erdoğan said: “We all know very well that there can be no mercy. without unit. We must act with the prudence and foresight befitting Muslims and not to fall into the traps into which the imperialists want to lure us, “he said.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stressed that everyone, especially Muslim youth, who are the guarantors of the future, have very important duties in this blessed struggle, and said:

“We need to strengthen not conflicts, alliances, enmity, but affection. We must never forget that our Islam is as important as the importance we attach to our brotherhood. In the struggle for rights and justice that we wage for ourselves and for the oppressed, we must not be involved in terrorism, we must not promote violence, we must never deviate from the law and the law. legitimacy. When we enter the mosque. ring of dhikr ‘, we must continue to prioritize scientific and academic studies. We would like to see you in much more active roles in politics, academia, sport, business and social life. cultural differences I believe that the future of the Ummah will be much better and more prosperous than today, with your efforts, your sincere efforts and your prayers. I ask you to convey my greetings to my younger brothers and sisters. ”

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