President Erdoğan: Our goal is to reduce the number of cases to 5,000

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Tourists come with the risks in mind anyway. Why should we close the door to those who come?

We are trying to bring tourists to our country, we are negotiating with European countries. Spreading as open to tourists and closed to locals hits from within.

There was a significant decrease in the number of cases after the complete closure.

We have clearly seen the difference between a partial shutdown and a full shutdown. Now the goal is to decrease to 5,000, and we will be much more relieved once we reach 5,000.

If we were not a strong state, we could not take the financial assistance measures.

We are continuing the process of vaccinating teachers, police and gendarmerie personnel.

How many vaccines can we get from Russia?

We are working to further reduce the number of deaths and cases.

(Akşener’s Netanyahu analogy) My lungs look like Palestine when it is said, and he’s too poor to know where Palestine fits on the map. Now we have politicians who have shamelessly stood up and become so immoral to put me on the same line with Netanyahu. I had an affair with the Prime Minister of Israel in Davos. The whole world knows the response I gave to the then Israeli Prime Minister in Davos.

You can’t tell Erdogan, whose 40-year political life has grappled with them, that it’s not for you and no one will give you such an opportunity.

Netanyahu has never been and will not be our friend. We will continue our journey fighting our struggle against Netanyahu so far.

Those who govern Palestine know very well what we are giving to Palestine.

I hope I will be in Cyprus on July 20 and carry the necessary messages from Northern Cyprus to the whole world. The messages we will be sending from northern Cyprus are not just about the island, but the whole world. If you can’t put forward that determination, that position, no one will put you in the position of a man.

There are two airports in the TRNC, one is Ercan, the other is the area where our drones and drones were previously located. We must be strong in any attack in the region

(From the Eastern Mediterranean) Now we get some good news, hope you get the oil, natural gas news as well as this good news, don’t be surprised.

So far we have killed many Nurettin Sufis. We must also crush Kandil.

We will soon be announcing an important name of the FETÖ team, we have it now. Who we caught, we took into account, we will also do his explanation.

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