President Erdogan replied: How many days will the Eid al-Adha holiday last?

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President Erdoğan answered journalists’ questions after Friday prayers in Diyarbakır.

Regarding the talks on Afghanistan, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: “What will be the field of action of Turkey at Hamid Karzai airport, what we accept here, what we do not accept, we have made their decisions. mentionned.

President Erdoğan performed Friday prayers at the historic Fatih Pasha Mosque (Kurşunlu) in the Sur district of Diyarbakır, where he came to make various contacts.

Recalling that the PKK terrorist organization shot and destroyed the mosque, Erdoğan said:

“The Kurşunlu Mosque was the crown of our city, this city in terms of historical features. Now, after a long time, we are in the bliss of having a Friday prayer here again. From now on you see the beauty de Suriçi On the one hand the walls are rebuilt, on the other hand in Suriçi Our houses are built with local architecture and we hope that they will be completed as soon as possible and we hope that they will be handed over to their owners . build another Diyarbakır, we are building a very, very beautified Diyarbakır. Our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has made a big effort here and they will be finished and delivered to their owners in a short time. We will. “


Erdogan answered a question about the studies of the Covid-19 vaccine as follows:

“Currently, we have passed 58 million vaccines. Now we are also introducing the tier system in vaccination according to age groups. There is vaccine from BioNTech, as well as vaccine from Sinovac, it happens, and with all this Mr. Uğur recently. and his wife will be our guests. Thus, we will have the opportunity to step much faster in BioNTech. Of course, we will do our utmost to overcome this reluctance to vaccinate in Diyarbakır . I believe because the more we promote vaccines here, the more we accept the vaccination event, the more the Kovid incident will decrease, it will decrease even more. At the moment, we have some problems in Diyarbakır. But I think we are going to overcome this.Because Central Anatolia, the west As you know the rate is moving in a very positive direction here, therefore, we will also quickly reduce this rate in Diyarbakır.


Asked about the length of the Eid al-Adha vacation, Erdogan said: “Right now our friends are working on it. In the most appropriate way … The vacation period seems to go around like this for 10 days, 9 days, and I will tell it to my people when I speak to the nation. ” used the sentences.

Erdogan, following a question, said that in the third year of the presidential system of government, they were going through a process that was improving day by day, and continued as follows:

“The presidential process accelerates our pace in the steps we take and the decisions we take. Therefore, this system has been very beneficial for our country, it has been very beneficial. Because the decision-making mechanisms work much faster, they take action much more easily, they can make their decisions that way. As we see such a system in the most developed countries of the world, Turkey has started to achieve much more productive results by catching up with this system. “


Recalling the process of US withdrawal from Afghanistan and asked about the latest situation in negotiations between Turkey and the United States regarding the operation of Hamid Karzai airport, Erdoğan said:

“Yesterday, our Minister of Defense had a meeting with the United States Minister of Defense, and on this matter, we are currently having these discussions with the United States, as well as with NATO, what will be the mandate of the United States? Turkey to Hamid Karzai, what to do here we accept what we do not accept these decisions. We have also discussed these issues in our one-on-one talks with Mr. Biden in the NATO negotiations, and we have discussed and discussed them in the meeting among the delegations, and we hope we will have taken this step in Afghanistan in the most ideal way. ”

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