President Erdoğan: The death toll in the attacks in Afghanistan has reached 170

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This visit is our third meeting of the year. This frequency in our contacts is a concrete indicator of the value we attach to our relationships. Bosnia and Herzegovina holds a special place in the eyes of the nation.

During the meeting we had with the members of the Presidential Council, we had the opportunity to further develop our cooperation and talk about what we can do for the future.

We agreed that we should speed up the execution of this peace project, which will strengthen political, economic and human ties in the region. We wish to further develop our cooperation in the sectors of industry, tourism and breeding.

The free trade agreement will increase investment.

During our meeting, we also discussed developments in the Balkans.

Unfortunately, with Afghanistan, the world is once again locked in a separate place. With the information I have just received, the death toll has reached 170. Leaving these countries by handing them over to terrorist organizations has serious consequences.

We have given and are giving the strongest fight against Daesh. We brought our civilians to our country. We currently have a small number of technical staff. Apart from that, we have withdrawn all of our teams.

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