President Erdogan: we can talk to the Taliban if necessary

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan answered reporters’ questions on the agenda at the exit of the Kerem Aydınlar Mosque in Üsküdar, Istanbul, where he performed the Friday prayer.

Asked about developments in Afghanistan, President Erdoğan said the Afghan process has been going on for more than 20 years and that the whole world, especially the western world, and the Islamic world had not paid enough attention to this issue. .

“Currently, 300,000 AFGHANISTAN immigrants are involved in Turkey”

“Unfortunately, none of these countries have been able to demonstrate a sound approach, whether it is Russia’s intervention in Afghanistan or the subsequent American intervention,” Erdogan said.

“We have done our best in terms of infrastructure and superstructure with all our means towards Afghanistan, we have continued our work there, and we still continue to work on the infrastructure and superstructure there. , the countries I just mentioned approached Afghanistan with only military or weapons, such things. They transferred the Turkish lira to these places. It is very important where these trillions of pounds were spent. . Here, at the end, it became clear where all these steps were coming from. Afghanistan is seriously on its own right now, and although the Taliban attitude here is clear, from the beginning it is has been in conflict with the Taliban. There have been various negotiations, and the outcome of those negotiations is obvious. Now they are saying it themselves. all these weapons, tools, equipment, ammunition, we do not yet know where we are left them. They say ch dares like. On the one hand, for example, America has held meetings with us. We have also had talks with the Taliban from time to time. We have also said that we can hold such talks for the next period. In my opinion, this is the first major achievement of Afghanistan, but let me also say that Turkey’s main opposition has always said, “There have been 1.5 million irregular migrants from Afghanistan to Turkey. “Unfortunately, these numbers, which both the main opposition and the opposition are saying, are all lies. There has not been such a migration from Afghanistan to Turkey. I also said that yesterday . Currently, there are 300,000 undocumented Afghan immigrants on our police records in Turkey. “

Stressing that all the preventive walls that continue to be built are intended to prevent such irregular migration, Erdoğan noted that there is a significant migration of around 4 million people from Syria to Turkey.

Stating that all of this is accurate to reveal where immigration policy has reached, Erdoğan said, “As the main opposition and others have said, we have always opened our doors to people who have fled their lands or who have taken refuge in our country, and we do not return those who need to be returned. We send them back to their countries by controlling them in their centers, ”he said.


President Erdogan, “What role will Turkey play in Afghanistan in the new period?” On the matter, he said they were following developments closely at the moment.

Expressing that while following the developments, they are also negotiating with countries they know closely about Afghan policies, Erdoğan said: “Of course our Foreign Ministry has meetings with these countries tomorrow through example, NATO has such a meeting and our foreign ministry will have meetings there. At the time of the talks, even when I was asked about this topic, I repeated it. We can chat with the Taliban if necessary, we are not closed to this. is a case, there is a truth. When we knock on the door on this issue, we open our door and we have our talks. Afghans are our Muslims. They are our brothers and we are not in a position to close the door to them, ”he said.

Erdoğan said that many entrepreneurs and investors in Turkey are investing in Afghanistan and have brought them from Kabul military airport to Islamabad and from there to the country, and will continue to do so.

“There is no solidarity in all these catastrophes, there is a lie”

Following the response of the US Embassy to allegations that an agreement has been reached with Turkey on Afghan refugees and statements by CHP President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu on this issue, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was asked about his assessment of driving the “Liar Kemal” campaign on social media, and said:

“There is no doubt about him, that is to say that he is a Kemal liar, just like Mr. Kemal. He is a liar in the evening and another in the morning. I never have. Known his honesty anyway. In other words, he’s a person who has come to the fore with his lies in every event, in every incident. Exactly in this case he’s here again. The US Embassy l ‘denied. America denied it, but they still keep treading on it. It’s not just there, my friends. You see them as members of the media. So in the flood disaster in the sea Noire, on the other hand, in Antalya, Muğla, fires in all these areas, in the same way again. Have done during the recent floods in these areas, namely Bartın, Kastamonu, Sinop, is a lie. They don ‘ have no honest behavior. They already have lie detectors with them. These polygraph machines work very well. Lie after lie, lie after lie s lie. And if we experience a catastrophe in this country, There is no solidarity in all these catastrophes, there is a lie. Be honest. Do not think that you will carry the nation somewhere with lies. Pierre You will not be able to sleep. And these people put you where they were supposed to. As such a catastrophe strikes, you must be on the side of those who run this country. In other words, they could neither do it in the eastern Black Sea region, nor in the case of catastrophic fires, nor in the western Black Sea region. No. Because their disposition and temperament are lies. They have a flow, they have a departure. But when the time comes, my nation will teach this opposition in the best possible way at the ballot box. Because this country, this nation is not compatible with the lie. Because this nation is an honest nation and has come this far with honest people. From now on, he will continue on his way with honest management. “

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