President Erdogan: We have made Turkey an attractive country for investors

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke during the celebration program for the 100th anniversary of Sakarya’s victory held at the Duatepe monument in the Polatlı district of Ankara.

In his speech here, President Erdoğan said that the year 1921, when Sakarya’s victory was won, was one of the turning points in the millennial existence of Turks in Anatolia, not just any war.

Affirming that the army, which had to retreat east of Sakarya in July, was endowed with all the might of the nation and that Gazi Mustafa Kemal, who was appointed Commander-in-Chief by the Assembly, stood recovered in a month and dismissed the enemy west of Sakarya, Erdoğan declared the most critical part of the national struggle. He said that with this victory on his page, the enemy attack that threatened the capital was prevented.

Erdoğan noted that at a time when guns are now heard from Ulus, the heroic army has announced the good news of the Great Offensive which would lead to independence by saying “stop” to the enemy in this region. .

President Erdoğan, with mercy and gratitude, commemorated all the commanders, martyrs and veterans who contributed to the victory of the national struggle, in particular Gazi Mustafa Kemal, the Commander-in-Chief of the War of Independence, who personally led the battle of Alagözler Sakarya.

Declaring that the victory of Sakarya is one of the important sheets of glorious history which embraced the gates of Vienna on one side and the Red Sea on the other, just like the conquest of Bursa, Edirne and Istanbul, Erdoğan said:

“Nazım Hikmet describes this great victory, which Gazi Mustafa Kemal calls the ‘Sakarya Melhame-i Kübra’, that is to say a kind of ‘war of the apocalypse’, as follows; Then, on August 23, Sakarya Melhame-i Kübra, which continues until September 13. We had one thousand infantry, four thousand five hundred cavalry, the enemy had eighty-eight thousand infantry and three hundred guns The north side of the battlefield is Sakarya and mountains. Abdülselam mountain, with its steep slopes and limestone and rocky soils, alone, far from each other with hard and reclusive pines. Only deer with hooves drink water in this area of ​​the mountain Gökler, the mountains and Sakarya. From the point where the Ankara water flows to the northwest of Eskişehir, the road to Sakarya passes through the cliffs. To the south and southeast, Cihanbeyli is leafless and sad, wide and long, and makes you want to die mercilessly for everything he left behind. Plain: Desert … This desert, these mountains and this river and before us 22 days and nights, incessant and forced fighting ric’ata the enemy army was. ‘”


“We have shown the whole world that neither tutelage, nor social engineering calculations, nor terrorist organizations nor coups d’etat can resist the power of the national will,” Erdogan said.


President Erdoğan then spoke at the opening ceremony of the new production line of the Şişecam Polatlı factory.

The titles of Erdoğan’s statements here are as follows:

“Every industrialist who lays stone upon stone, produces, exports and provides jobs for our people in this country has a place above our heads. We will continue to support all of our investors who believe in Turkey’s potential and trust our economy. Some continue to insult our manufacturers rather than us by saying: “There is no factory in Turkey”. We will make our drone fleet, which we have modernized with Akıncı, the world number 1 with the introduction of our unmanned combat aircraft system. Turkey in 2002 was a country where terrorism and guardianship was endemic. We have rolled up our sleeves to carry our country, grappling with instability, to the place it deserves and to make it the center of production. We have made Turkey an attractive country for investors. We have reduced Turkey’s average annual growth rate below 1% and brought it down to the 5% level.


TEKNOFEST starts September 21-26 at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. ”

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