President Erdogan: We will not forget the betrayal of our country and our nation

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We will not forget the betrayal of our country and our nation.

We have questioned all the traitors we have caught and identified, and we will continue to question this baseness (attempted coup of July 15).

As every member of our nation remembers this unprecedented betrayal for generations, they will hold on more firmly to our independence and our future.

This coup attempt has taken its place in our history as an exemplary document.

We are paying the price of making and keeping a geography that is the favorite of every country and society in the world a homeland for a thousand years.

The attacks we have suffered in different guises over the past 8 years indicate that our struggle to protect our homeland will continue.

The purpose of the scenarios circulated through terrorist organizations in various disguises; bring our country to its knees, enslave our nation, plunder our lands.

Those who tried to create social rifts with the events of Gezi could not see that they had instilled unity and solidarity into our bodies.

Those who threatened our lands using terrorist organizations could not understand that they were in fact strengthening our brotherhood by what they were doing.

They did not succeed yesterday, they did not succeed today, I hope they will not succeed tomorrow, they cannot prevent the building of a great and powerful Turkey.

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