President Erdoğan’s irregular migration statement: Turkey is not a passing hostel

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Latest News President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made statements regarding the agenda.

Headlines of statements by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who participated in the joint broadcast;

(Floods in the western Black Sea region) I would like to remind my citizens of one thing, do not choose highways unless you have to, as landslides can occur at any time.

(Firefighting) Next year we might buy our own plane. We will have strengthened our team of firefighters and our fleet.

Helicopters, which are the most important firefighting aircraft in our geography, have increased from 18 in 2002 to 39 in 2021, but that figure has approached 60 in this process.

TOKİ will start construction in a month. The goal is to complete these constructions within one year.

Our burning forests will rise from their ashes. These areas will be forested in the most efficient way and will revert to forests.

The Turkish Aeronautical Association is not a state institution. As there are various foundations and associations, the Turkish Aeronautical Association is one of them.

(To CHP) You are the one who made the Turkish Aeronautical Association inoperative. It is the former executives of the institution who do not maintain the aircraft.

While Turkey ranked 46th in the world in 2015 among countries that have increased its forest assets, it rose to 27th place in 2020.

I believe that with the opening of parliament, a study on social media should be done. They are trying to tarnish our firefighting, to which our institutions and officials are devoted, with false information and news. Manipulation costs a thousand dollars. No digital medium is immune from the law. We do not allow people to be slandered, insulted, cursing national spiritual values ​​and calls for rebellion by hiding behind pseudonyms.

We are seriously raising our walls both from the Iranian gate and from Iraq. The walls that rise here must prevent this irregular migration from entering our country.

Our relevant institutions are currently working until we reach negotiations with the Taliban. Maybe I may even be able to accept what will become their leader. Because if we cannot master them at a high level. If these cannot be brought under control, it will not be possible for us to achieve peace in Afghanistan. A significant portion of captured Afghan illegal migrants are returned to Afghanistan by our authorized institutions.

(Irregular migration) Everyone should know that Turkey is not a passing hostel. We measure it all, we cut and we take our measures accordingly.

As someone exaggerates on social networks, there are no irregular migratory flows from our borders.

I had a meeting with Qatar tonight, where can we stop the actions taken by the Taliban, where can we take a step towards peace.

(Covid-19) We want our whole society to be vaccinated. As a result, we have mobilized our resources.

(TURKOVAC vaccine studies) The results have been quite good so far. We will probably have the good news before the end of the year.

The question of switching to face-to-face training will be discussed during the Council of Ministers to be held on Monday, August 16.

(New Constitution) I would like to present this preparation to Mr. Devlet, and I want this work to be done to a much better point. We expect the opposition parties to submit concrete constitutional texts to our nation as quickly as possible.

The level of 7% that we reached in the first quarter of this year is an indication that we will end the year on a very good level.

Unemployment figures fell further from 2 to 2.5 points. What does this show? In terms of unemployment, Turkey is currently moving in a positive direction.

Our purchase price for hazelnuts is based on a 50 percent solid internal basis, Lira 27 per kilogram for Giresun quality hazelnuts and Lira 26.5 per kilogram for Levant quality hazelnuts. At least 1 lire more will be paid for high yielding hazelnuts. We also supply diesel and field fertilizer to our farmers at Lira 2 per kilogram.

(Purchase price of the hazelnut from TMO) Finally, the prices of the hazelnut are between 29.5 lire and 30 lire per kilogram.

(Public worker contract) I wish our workers good luck. The minimum wage has been raised to 4 thousand 100 TL. An increase of 1,217 TL was made for workers with the lowest wages.

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