President Erdoğan’s response to Kılıçdaroğlu: They relied on criminal organizations

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AK Party Chairman and Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan made statements at his party group meeting.

At the start of his speech, Erdoğan announced that they would resume fragmented breakfasts with MPs on June 24.

Reacting to the opposition, which raised the allegations of the head of the criminal organization Sedat Peker, Erdoğan said that the allegations of the criminal organizations had been brought to the rostrum.

Highlights of President Erdogan’s speech:

“Turkey has secured its southern borders. He has given the most effective responses to attempts to confine our country to its shores. Our Assembly, which has been awarded the title of veteran twice, once during the War of Independence and once on July 15, has gone through difficult times. We did not limit Turkey’s agenda to scenarios built in dark places. We did not allow the leadership to be pulled towards our country.


The person sitting in the presidency of the General Presidency of the CHP yesterday, made his statements over the cesspool from the rostrum of the Assembly. It is only for those who consider themselves worthy to attack the slanders that have been expressed and those who have brought them.


Those who despaired of the nation, and the terrorist organizations in which they are deeply involved, should not have been enough, now they are leaning on criminal organizations.

We have not allowed our country, nor the organizations used as pawns by this or that foreign power, nor those which were written as voluntary extras for this dirty scenario, to pull the direction. We are the only party in Turkey to have fought hand to hand against one-party fascism, tutelage and putschists, terrorist organizations and organized criminal networks.

When we look at the segments in the world today that slander our country on the international stage and try to repair a crime, we see that there are three or four organizations behind them. We have faced and failed our fight against terrorist organizations and criminal organizations, threats to our borders, attacks on our sovereignty, together with our nation, not with someone else’s help. In the name of Turkey’s future, we leave it up to our nation to appreciate the small projects, programs, efforts or even the dreams of those we have not heard of and jump on the scenarios put into circulation. by organizations.


We will get rid of this mucilage just like we allowed swimming and fishing in the Golden Horn. Samples taken above and below the water began to be examined. Inspections at waste treatment facilities have been stepped up.

We will clean up the Sea of ​​Marmara by declaring the whole Sea of ​​Marmara a conservation area and bringing our wastewater treatment systems to the most advanced technology. I hope we will complete our strategic plan, which includes our roadmap to provide a permanent solution to the mucilage problem, within three months. “

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