Reinforcement at the Iranian border: Erdogan calls on the border troops

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Minister of National Defense Akar, as well as Chief of Staff General Yaşar Güler, Commander of Land Forces General Musa Avsever and Commander of 2nd Army General Metin Gürak discussed the measures taken in the Iranian border.

After his aerial and ground inspections, Akar and the commanders met with Van Mehmet Governor Emin Bilmez and the border troops commanders from the 6th Border Brigade Command.

Additional reinforcements were provided to the battalion, unit, outpost and bases on the Iranian border. Stating that more intense measures than ever are being taken at the border, Akar said: “Every day, ambush and reconnaissance activities are carried out in more than 150 regions. We operate with around a thousand reconnaissance and surveillance vehicles, including thermal night vision. devices. “


Recalling that after the catastrophic flooding in the western Black Sea region, TAF helicopters continued their search and rescue efforts in the region, Akar said: “2 deck tanks moved horizontally and 3 deck vehicles landlines were also sent to the area. support the ongoing rescue efforts in Sinop Türkeli. “Our two ships, which we have assigned to evacuate our trapped citizens and their vehicles, are underway,” he said.


Stressing that the fight against terrorism continues uninterrupted, Akar said: “14 terrorists who were at the infiltration entrance to the area of ​​Operation Peace Spring have been neutralized. In addition, 6 terrorists were neutralized in the Gara region as a result of the operation of our Force. In the Hakurk region, 2 terrorists were neutralized. Thus, 22 terrorists were neutralized in 24 hours. “Our fight will continue. Our only target are the terrorists. our noble nation from the scourge of terrorism, ”he said.


After the meeting, during which the measures were again discussed, Minister Akar spoke by telephone with President Erdoğan and gave information on the work.

Addressing the border troops commanders next, Erdoğan said:

“We’re going through a very different time, on the one hand floods, on the other hand, fires. While this is all going on, there is also a rumor-based problem. I think you will eliminate the based problems. about these rumors. We must also overcome them, because a terror of lies is spreading in Turkey. We will overcome this terror of lies with you. Especially with the walls that we have built on these borders, we will also completely prevent entry and exit . Because our walls on these borders are our security and our firewalls. If you succeed, the burden on TAFs and our security forces will be lightened. Congratulations and I wish you the best of luck. ”

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