Request for “additional payment” from YÖK for healthcare professionals working in university hospitals

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The Higher Education Council (YÖK) has taken steps to once again make “additional payments” to health professionals working in university hospitals.

YÖK has taken steps to make “extra payments” to healthcare professionals working in teaching hospitals.

Staff working for the outbreak in medical schools, health practices and university research centers providing health services related to the Covid-19 epidemic and in health centers affiliated with the Ministry of Health was paid for 2 months, effective November 1, 2020.

The Ministry of Health has passed a regulation that allows additional payments to be made to staff working in health facilities within the ministry for 4 months, starting April 1, due to the continuing epidemic and the increase of the workload in health centers. This regulation was published in the Official Journal on May 8, 2021.


Following this regulation of the Ministry of Health, the Council of Higher Education took measures to make additional payments to the staff of the teaching hospitals in order to ensure a working peace among the health staff.

A draft amendment has been prepared to add a temporary article to the regulation on the procedures and principles to be applied for the distribution of the additional payment to be made from the revenues of the revolving fund in higher education institutions.

According to the project, staff working in medical schools and university health practice and research centers as part of the epidemic research, diagnosis and treatment activities will receive additional payments for 4 months at as of April 1. The additional payment to be made will not exceed the maximum amount of the additional payment during working hours.


The draft regulation amendment prepared by YÖK was shared with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Strategy and Budget Directorate of the Presidency.

According to the notice of compliance of these institutions, studies to modify the regulations will be finalized.

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