Sedat Peker’s allegations: statement by Süleyman Soylu of the AK party

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AK Party spokesman Ömer Çelik made a statement on the agenda of the CMF meeting.

Highlights of spokesperson Çelik’s speech:

“The allegations of an illegal mafiator concerning the Minister of the Interior and Binali Yıldırım are on the agenda. The AK Party FMC strongly denies Sedat Peker’s allegations. We are a powerful political movement.

I said that it was wrong that these illegal mafiotic zones were the subject of policies. They are doing something that should not be part of the civilian dynamic of politics. They made the historic mistake of building their own opposition, their demands on the illegal scene. The reference to politics should never be a criminal organization. Our Minister of the Interior, our former Prime Minister are targeted.

They say what we are going to do to reveal what has been said. Either way, our friends themselves apply to members of the judiciary.

We are always aware of these games. We see where our state and the Home Secretary are targeted and where we want to reach. Those who want the resignation of our colleagues on duty, taking as a reference the statements of criminal organizations does not mean playing politics. This means that the politician is being used by criminal organizations.

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