Special interview: Presidential spokesman İbrahim Kalın is on NTV

last minute “data-mce-href =” https://www.ntv.com.tr/son-minute “> Latest News Highlights from statements by Presidential Spokesman İbrahim Kalın;

“Since the United States decided to withdraw from Afghanistan, we have made our own plans. We have spent a lot of time in Afghanistan.

We have followed the process very closely. We had to act by seeing the realities on the ground. We said there that we would not be in a process that would endanger our soldiers.

We had made all of our plans. Preparations for the evacuation of our troops had been underway for some time. Our army has had great success there. Our soldiers are returning to their country, having done their duty.

We can continue to operate the airport there even after our troops have withdrawn. Our civilian experts can provide support at the airport. Negotiations on this matter are continuing. They also show a will for Turkey to continue on this path.

A plane took off today. The evacuation of Turkish soldiers can be completed in 24 or 36 hours.

The humanitarian drama experienced by Afghans must not be overlooked. We saw the drama that took place at the Kabul airport in the first few days.

Security at the airport must be ensured. Details on this will be discussed, but a security structure needs to be established. I don’t think the Taliban have such a capacity, they will probably ask for a favor as well. The fact that the airport is completely deactivated is not something they want either.

It is helpful to remember the ethnic and sectarian structure of Afghanistan. It is very important that everyone is represented here. What the government does will be important. You have to see the picture that will emerge in the days and weeks to come. It would not be wise to stay out of the process altogether.

Instability in Afghanistan affects everyone everywhere.

Talks were held with the Taliban for intelligence and foreign affairs. Negotiations are underway with several branches.

We are continuing our diplomatic contacts to prevent immigration. The international community must take more responsibility on the issue of migration. “

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