Start of electricity production at the Kemerköy thermal power plant

Minister Dönmez, in his message on his Twitter account, said: “We are at the Kemerköy thermal power plant. After checks and repairs to defective equipment, a unit was commissioned and electricity production began. The remaining units will be put into service when their maintenance and checks are complete. “

During the forest fire that broke out in the Milas district on August 5, the flames reached the garden of the Kemerköy thermal power station, located about 15 kilometers from the Yeniköy thermal power station, the personnel of the power station was evacuated and flammable and explosive materials were removed.

As the trees around the power station were felled, trenches were dug around it with construction machinery, and citizens living in the Ören district, which is about 1 kilometer from the campus, were evacuated. by military ships.

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