Statement by Eda Nur Kaplan of the Ministry of Family and Social Services

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Ankarain, 18 years old Eda Nur AslanHe ended his life by jumping from the balcony of their 15th-floor house. There are allegations of sexual assault linked to the incident. The Department of Family and Social Services made a statement on this matter. The ministry said it was closely monitoring the process that led Eda Nur Kaplan to suicide and the investigation phase into his death.

They said that if a public lawsuit is filed, they will be involved in the legal process as a ministry.

Eda Nur Kaplan, He bade farewell to his last trip to Ankara yesterday. According to information from the Demirören News Agency, Eda Nur went to the police the day before her suicide and lodged a complaint claiming that she had been sexually assaulted by her sister and two people who had drunk alcohol. alcohol with it.

Eda Nur Kaplan (18)

No evidence has been found that Eda Nur, who was taken for a health exam, was sexually assaulted. While MA was taken into custody following the complaint, work began to arrest the other suspect YG

After MA’s statement to the police station, it was reported that although he was released for lack of evidence, efforts are underway to apprehend the other suspect.

‘THE LITTLE girl was wasted, mom’

Before Eda Nur committed suicide, she also messaged her mother. In this message, ‘Mom, your little girl can’t stand some things anymore. They spent a lot on his daughter, ”he wrote.

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