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President Erdoğan met young people in Beştepe.

Meeting with PhD students at Millet Library In the third of the library interviews, Erdogan’s assessment of Kanal Istanbul on a question from a youngster was shared on his social media account.

Explaining the importance of the project for Turkey for young people, Erdoğan said that Kanal Istanbul is an 11 year old project and that this step was taken during the Istanbul Metropolitan Presidency.


Stressing that it is imperative to take a step with Kanal Istanbul, Erdogan stressed that the Bosporus can pose a threat of environmental massacre at any time.

Stating that due to the nature of the Bosphorus, especially when it comes to turning, ships may face a situation called “rudder lock-up” in some places and become unable to maneuver, Erdoğan pointed to previous accidents in the Bosphorus.

Recalling that a Romanian oil tanker burned for days at Selimiye in the past, that a Russian warship was also involved in an accident and that a dry cargo ship ran aground in Kandilli, Erdoan pointed out that lessons had to be learned from these events.


President Erdogan continued his words as follows:

“We must also learn the lessons of these disasters. Especially the Bosporus, where 45,000 ships pass per year, can no longer support this traffic. Projections show that this number will reach 78,000 in 2050, the traffic is constantly increasing. , the safety of the Bosphorus is a safe passage for ships. Its capacity is only 25,000. As we cannot close the Bosphorus to ship passages, we now have the only opportunity to deal with the increase in traffic. traffic, and that’s Kanal Istanbul. “

Expressing that they have decided to establish residential areas with a capacity of 500,000 people under the Kanal Istanbul project, and that this project is advanced with a quality urban planning approach, Erdoğan drew attention to the fact that the stages of town planning have been taken in Istanbul and throughout Turkey.

Stating that residential areas under the project will be offered as a solution to citizens living in earthquake-prone buildings in different districts of Istanbul, Erdoğan stressed that in this way, citizens will avoid the risk of earthquakes.

Pointing out that the residential areas to be created on both sides of Kanal Istanbul will be built with horizontal architecture like the ground floor plus 4 or at most the ground plus 5 floors, Erdoğan said a total of 204 experts, including 51 scientists from 11 different universities took part in the project.


President Erdogan said:

“Following this mission, the length of the channel is 45 kilometers from the Black Sea to the Marmara, its width is at least 275 meters, and its depth is 20.7, or 21. The soundings have shown us that the vessel traffic in the Istanbul channel will be 13 times safer than in the Bosporus. Now that the situation is 13 times safer, is there any point in resisting in the Bosporus? Tanker, big cargo ships … Now we will have to close the Bosporus to them and move them all to our Istanbul channel.

With all this, we cannot leave such a project that will bring our country to the forefront of the opposition. Currently, our main goal with Kanal Istanbul is to eliminate the environmental threat. The second is to get rid of all the accidents that have happened in Istanbul so far. Third, to ensure much healthier maritime traffic. “

President Erdoğan said: “Along with ports and marinas, this project will have an exceptional place in the world. I hope it will be made visible with the fingers. The opposition’s approach to this issue is very ugly. If we thank them, we can’t do just anything. “Makes his assessment.


Saying, “It would be a shame to sacrifice the center of science and wisdom to terrorism,” Erdogan said, “There is no university in Turkey without academic freedom. We have no problem restricting freedom at any university, ” he said.


Stating that experiments on Turkey’s national vaccine are continuing intensively, Erdoğan said he wants to see results in September-October.

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