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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a press conference at Ataturk Airport State Guest House in Istanbul before his departure for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Declaring that they will travel to the region to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, two friendly countries in the common geography of the Balkans, President Erdoğan said that in the first part of his visit he will meet with members of the Presidential Council in Sarajevo today.

Emphasizing that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a key country in the geography of the Balkans, to which they attach great importance to security, stability and development with its multicultural structure, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“We have very close historical, cultural and human ties with friendly and fraternal Bosnia-Herzegovina. Here we have excellent relations and very fruitful cooperation spread over a large territory, which we have built with the common will of both. country on this basis. To deepen our cooperation during our visit. “We will also find the opportunity to discuss the steps we can take together to this end. We will examine the possibilities of developing our economic and trade relations and assess the progress of existing joint projects, particularly in the areas of infrastructure and investment. “

Erdogan said that after completing their contacts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they will travel to Montenegro on Saturday August 28.


After his statements, President Erdoğan responded to journalists’ questions on the agenda. Asked about the evacuations in Afghanistan, Erdogan said: “First of all, as a nation, we condemn and condemn this catastrophe, this comprehensive terrorist attack that took place in Kabul yesterday.


Stating that 72 people died in the first information he received, including from the Taliban, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“Right now, DEASH has undertaken such a catastrophe. The fact that DEASH has taken this step in such a process also reveals how dangerous an organization is in the region and globally. people as a nation. May God have mercy on those who lost their lives and on all their loved ones. Afghanistan right now is the evacuation of our citizens from Afghanistan. This evacuation work is continuing intensively. return to our country. We carried out these evacuations under extraordinary conditions at the airport, and we find that our fellow citizens are very, very happy and happy. “


Expressing that the evacuation of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) personnel serving in Afghanistan continues, President Erdoğan said the route is primarily for civilian and military delegations wishing to travel from Kabul military airport to Islamabad , then come by Turkish Airlines planes. He said he was brought into the country.

Emphasizing that they have made very important contributions to the peace, tranquility and stability of the Afghan people throughout this process, Erdoğan said: “For 20 years, Turkey has always been in Afghanistan with its state. , its civilian investors and its businessmen. The infrastructure and superstructure have taken the necessary measures in all these works. In accordance with this decision, “We will complete the evacuations as soon as possible and as quickly as possible. Our units concerned are taking these measures without the slightest complacency. Our two intelligence services, our Ministry of Defense and our Ministry of Foreign Affairs are close followers of this process, ”he said.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: “Is contact with the Taliban continuing? What will Turkey’s next roadmap be for Afghanistan? There are comments that Turkish companies will be involved in the operation of the airport. contact with the Taliban in Turkish public opinion. In the form of “not to be contacted or discussed”. How would you rate this? On the question, he said he wouldn’t know who did how and what kind of criticism at this point.

Declaring that everyone has the right to criticize and that they can make any criticism they want, Erdoğan said:

“We also don’t have the luxury of getting anyone’s permission to meet who, where, when and what type of meetings. We have now moved our embassy to the military section inside Kabul airport. and our embassy continues such activities in the army section there. Our friends held the first meeting with the Taliban there, under the supervision of our embassy, ​​which lasted 3.5 hours. We will have the opportunity. to hold such meetings here, if necessary, in the next process. We strive to carry out the process through such meetings. What are their expectations? “What is our expectation, you will do all this by negotiating. say diplomacy in this regard, of course, we also have to tell these people, what diplomacy is, friend. It is diplomacy. Who does this in the first degree, the foreign ministry does it, representatives of the ministry of Foreign Affairs. Run, politicians run. this is what we do. Of course, our friends continue to do so with determination. “

Recalling that German Chancellor Angela Merkel used the phrase “We have to work with Turkey” after the developments in Afghanistan, Erdogan said: “Of course we have frequent meetings with the Chancellor, we meet, we look at the roadmaps. But of course, it is too late for some things. “The decision to work with Turkey is a late one. While everyone was leaving Afghanistan, we did not leave Afghanistan. We stayed in Afghanistan and at the Kabul airport. way, ”he said. .

Stating that Turkey is currently the country closest to migratory pressure, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“But there are gathering places inside Turkey that I always say are spreading false terror, they are spreading false terror. What they’re saying is that there are currently 1 , 5 million Afghan immigrants in Turkey. There are Afghan immigrants. Listen, I am telling you the official figure. Currently, in the records of our Ministry of Interior, the number of unregistered immigrants from Afghanistan is 300,000. But Mr. Kemal, those who went on leave, explain it as 1.5 million. These are lies, men’s work is lies, and they found this terror of lies as a joke. They continue with that. There is no such thing. We are also very sensitive to the immigration issue. You know, we are building walls almost everywhere, from the Iranian border to the Iraqi border passing through by the Syrian border.There are now a small amount of unbuilt areas s. In a serious sense, we will cover our borders with such walls. “


President Erdoğan said: “August 31 is a critical date for Afghanistan. What will Turkey’s attitude be after September 1? On the question: “First of all, of course, we have to see the picture and the situation in Afghanistan. There is currently a serious administrative vacuum in Afghanistan. First, we will make our decision once the administration is clear, the administration becomes clear, and then the administration becomes clear, ”he said. Our institutions will then make their decisions. For example, right now Turkish Airlines is picking up our civilians and soldiers, anyway? We are doing what needs to be done, ”he said.

Addressing the subject of “meeting with the Taliban”, Erdogan continued his speech as follows:

“We will do it if necessary, but right now the Taliban even have offers to operate the Kabul airport. To whom, to us. They say, we will provide security, but you do the operation. Now even on this issue, we haven’t made a decision yet. All kinds of deaths, civil airport etc., but 72 people are still dead. If we get involved in this, we will. That’s why we don’t. have no such decision yet. We bring our military and civilian citizens first to Islamabad and then back to our country via Islamabad. Because the satisfaction on their faces is the most important step for us. timing, the start of the flights etc. We are in no rush about this. We will make the necessary decision when there is calm. Because the Afghan people have been our brother for centuries. These are people who have lived and shared the same world with us at this point in their religion, their language, and vs. We cannot consider them separately. Hopefully this place will come to shore and we’ll take action accordingly. “


President Erdoğan recalled that the British Ministry of Defense statement on refugees was shared by BBC Turkish with the perception that “refugee centers will be established in Turkey and Pakistan”, which the Communications Directorate said this no. was not, and that the opposition has brought strong criticism on this issue and “Do you expect an apology from the opposition or some explanation?” On the matter, he said:

“First of all, I have to ask you this. Have you heard that this opposition has never apologized for such lies, such slander, by making such a comeback, for once there is nothing such in their character. All of their business is lies. Everything. Now look, they have stood up. They made up some serious lies about the Central Bank. Look where the Central Bank’s foreign exchange reserves are now. Everything is Well, is it possible for them to apologize. By the end of this year, the central bank’s foreign exchange reserves will reach $ 115 billion, I hope. But there is nothing such in them. Their life is a lie. And they found a woman at work, a polygraph. They constantly make the television tell a lot of lies and it is almost as if they find strength in it. such a state of mind. “

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