Statement by President Erdoğan on “ Controlled Normalization ”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke with the AK party organization via video conference.

The highlights of Erdogan’s statements are as follows:


“We are starting to implement our controlled standardization schedule on Monday. Our intention is to continue to act with caution until the end of May. With June, we plan to significantly relax the measures so as to make everyday life even more comfortable. We make sure to implement the measures we take in a flexible way that will not harm the work, vaccines and bread of our citizens. Crowning its success in health services with social and economic support, Turkey has managed to stay away from the climate of crisis. Numerous indicators, in particular the increase in the search for new investments and jobs, underline that a bright future awaits our country.


We are both sad and angry at the atrocities committed by the terrorist state of Israel. (In Palestine) We will not thank the persecution of Israel, even if the whole world ignores it. This terrorist state has now crossed all borders. Jerusalem is the common heritage of all mankind. Just as we did not allow the establishment of the terrorist corridor that was attempted yesterday along our Syrian borders, today we are resolutely opposed to hands reaching out to the privacy of Masjid al-Aqsa. . We are saddened and angry at the cruelty of Israel, a terrorist state with sufficient power for innocent tribes, despicable and oppressed women. Turkey’s attitude on this issue is principled. With some enthusiasm that we yesterday supported Azerbaijan’s struggle to liberate Nagorno-Karabakh and its occupied territories, today we act with the same feeling against the persecution in the Palestinian cities of Jerusalem. It is a duty of honor for all mankind to oppose Israel’s aggression in Palestinian cities and in Jerusalem. This terrorist state, which tried to plunder a city like Jerusalem, which contains the holy sites of Muslims, Christians and Jews, has now crossed all borders. It is imperative that the United Nations Security Council take swift action to ensure peace and tranquility in Jerusalem, in accordance with the decision taken in the General Assembly. As Turkey, we are ready to actively support any initiative launched within the United Nations, to take responsibility for peace and to make sacrifices. If we do not immediately stop Israel’s aggression in Palestine, and in particular in Jerusalem, tomorrow everyone will find themselves in the target of this brutal mentality. We call on every state, every institution, whatever their beliefs, their origins or their desires, to act as quickly as possible. Those who share the blood of Israel, their disrespect, by keeping silent or openly supporting, should know that one day it will be their turn. “

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