Switzerland’s charge d’affaires in Ankara summoned to the Foreign Ministry

Turkey protested against Switzerland for the opening of a so-called representative office affiliated with the terrorist organization PKK / YPG in Geneva.

In a written statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “the charge d’affaires of the Swiss embassy in Ankara were invited to the ministry and protested against the opening of the so-called representative office under the name of ‘Representation of Autonomy Administration of North and East Syria “affiliated with the PKK / YPG terrorist organization in Geneva. It was indicated that clarification was requested in this regard.

The statement read: “Recalling that attempts have been made before the Swiss authorities in this regard, it is pointed out that the attempts of this bloody terrorist organization and its affiliated groups to gain legitimacy and propaganda under names such as associations or non-governmental organizations should not be allowed in any way, and that terrorist propaganda should be immediately stopped. ”.

Stressing that no distinction should be made between terrorist organizations in the fight against terrorism, it was noted that:

“We remind those who embrace terrorist organizations because they do not target them, that this disease could one day strike them too. Our country will resolutely continue its fight against the PKK, which is also recognized as a terrorist organization by the EU. , and its affiliate groups everywhere. “

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