Syrians in Ankara will be sent to the provinces where they are registered

The General Directorate of Migration Management of the Interior Ministry reported that Ankara’s administrative borders were closed to temporary protection registration, effective September 2.

In the statement made by the General Directorate, it was indicated that certain decisions were taken following assessments made with the participation of the Ankara governorate, the migration administration, the gendarmerie and security units under coordination of the Ministry of Interior, which is authorized and responsible for the regulation of residence permit, international protection and temporary protection works and transactions of foreigners in Turkey.

“Since September 2, 2021, the provincial borders of Ankara have been closed to temporary protection. The statement included the following:

“Syrians benefiting from a temporary protection status, who are registered in other provinces of our country and actually reside in Ankara, will be identified and returned to the provinces where they are registered, and their residence procedures in the provinces where they are registered will be tracked. by a notification obligation.

Abandoned buildings and foreigners residing in these buildings will be identified, which are the source of immigration, drug and public order incidents in Ankara, and demolition and evacuation procedures will be completed and such foreigners will be sent to the provinces where they are registered. . Migrants in an irregular situation, who have no protection status or residence permit, will be arrested by the police and placed in administrative detention in removal centers in order to carry out return procedures.

All kinds of sanctions will be applied immediately within the framework of the necessary legislation regarding workplaces that do not have tax plates belonging to foreigners.

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