BREAKING NEWS: Fed announces interest rate decision

last minute “data-mce-href =” https://www.ntv.com.tr/son-minute “> Breaking news The US Federal Reserve has announced its decision on interest rates, which focuses on world markets. The Fed kept its key rate unchanged at 0-0.25%. The Fed continued its monthly asset purchases to $ 120 billion. The text of the decision also included statements regarding asset purchases.

BREAKING NEW: Announcement of a vaccine for 5-11 year olds from Pfizer-BioNTech

last minute “data-mce-href =” https://www.ntv.com.tr/son-dakika “> Breaking news! Last minute development details are coming soon to ntv.com.tr … Pfizer and BioNTech said in a statement that Covid-19 vaccines induce a strong immune response in children aged 5 to 11. The companies said that in Phase II and III clinical trials, the vaccine elicited an immune


last minute “data-mce-href =” https://www.ntv.com.tr/son-minute “> Latest news! Expansion of the scope of the PCR obligation for unvaccinated teachers and education personnel. The Ministry of National Education has announced that PCR tests will be requested twice a week from unvaccinated teachers and employees working in private schools as well as other private educational institutions and

BREAKING NEWS: Istanbul governor’s office clears anti-vaccine rally

last minute “data-mce-href =” https://www.ntv.com.tr/son-minute “> Latest news! Approval from Istanbul Governorate came to the anti-vaccine rally, which was not authorized by Maltepe District Governorate. The Anatolian Union Party filed an application with the Maltape district governor’s office under the title “The initiative to protect the Constitution meets”. With the statement from the governor’s office

BREAKING NEW: United States completes withdrawal process from Afghanistan

last minute “data-mce-href =” https://www.ntv.com.tr/last-minute “> Breaking news! The Commander of the United States Central Forces (CENTCOM), Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, said the withdrawal US forces from Afghanistan had been terminated. General Mckenzie appeared before the cameras with US Department of Defense (Pentagon) spokesman John Kirby to announce the end of 20 years of US occupation

BREAKING NEW: Successive explosions in Kabul: US President Biden makes statement

last minute “data-mce-href =” https://www.ntv.com.tr/son-minute “> Latest news! US President Joe Biden makes a statement regarding the bombings in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, for which Daesh has claimed responsibility. Titles of Biden’s statements; “We believe the attack was carried out by Daesh’s Khorasan group. My commanders in Washington have studied this question in great

BREAKING NEW: Taliban entered capital Kabul

last minute “data-mce-href =” https://www.ntv.com.tr/son-minute “> Latest news! Continuing their advance in Afghanistan, the Taliban began to enter the capital, Kabul. The statement was made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan. According to the statement, Taliban forces are entering Kabul from all directions. Taliban militants are said to have entered the industrial zone