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FLIR One, round two: The thermal imaging camera drops $100, gets a new shape

This past year Senior Editor Lee Hutchinson performed using the FLIR One a $349 apple iphone situation which had two embedded cameras to create all of you the energy of Predator in John McTiernans 1987 film Predator That’s your camera required infrared dimensions of their surroundings creating an incredible thermal image that transcended the visible spectrum

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FLIR One gives your apple iphone infrared Predator vision

For $349 you can also see at nighttime as an intergalactic large game hunter

Now FLIR a military and industrial technology company based outdoors of Tigard Or has return having a second form of its consumer-grade product listed at $249 The following-gen accessory can also be known as the FLIR One but this time around the organization has eschewed the apple iphone situation for any dongle that attaches to the foot of a compatible iOS device through the Lightning port Even better the FLIR The first is no more iOS-exclusive as well as an Android-compatible dongle works together with a number of Samsung and Asus phones along with the HTC ONE M8 and also the LG V400

In addition the organization says the lengthy-wave infrared sensor (known as the Lepton Core) based in the 2015 FLIR You have four occasions the resolution from the one based in the 2014 FLIR One

Therefore we thought get married give it a try again annually later If perhaps so we’re able to stalk throughout the house making clicky noises and whispering change

New Lepton Camera much better than that old Lepton Camera

Specs instantly: FLIR One

Visible light camera

VGA (640 × 480) employed for MSX mixing

IR sensor

FLIR Lepton LWIR (lengthy wave infrared)

Temperature sense range

-20° to 120° levels Celsius

Thermal variance recognition

01° Celsius

Onboard battery



MicroUSB (charge only)


72 mm x 26 mm x 18 mm


275 oz .

Supported mobile phones

A number of iOS products and a number of Android products



Such as the first generation FLIR One the brand new You have two cameras The very first is FLIRs proprietary Lepton Camera which the organization states is easily the most compact lengthy-wave infrared sensor available This camera picks up longer wavelengths within the electromagnetic spectrum radiated by infrared radiation however this generation bumps the resolution from the camera from the fuzzy 80×60 to 160×120 The Lepton may also identify a broader selection of temps compared to old version could-in which the first generation could read temps between to 100 levels Celsius this latest version can identify variations in temperature from -20 levels to 120 levels Celsius

Temperature sensitivity however is equivalent to that old version having the ability to identify 01 degree Celsius variations in temperature

The FLIR Ones other camera is really a regular VGA standard camera The unit takes the image and thru a procedure known as MSX Mixing it extracts detail in the visible light camera and overlays it using the thermal image in the Lepton camera This is exactly what really is sensible from the thermal image-without them youre looking at a lot of rainbow-colored blobs trying to puzzle out if the information youre seeing is helpful

Even though the composite image continues to be 640×480 the increased thermal resolution provides the resulting pictures a crisper look

Within the associated FLIR One application there is also a few new options-you can now take breathtaking shots and make time-lapse videos from inside the application Like before you pick the colors you need to indicate relative warmth but we mostly tied to the default option (too help remind you infrared surf is without color so infrared cameras provide the wavelengths false colors to exhibit us helpful information) Another really awesome factor: inside the FLIR applications library you are able to swipe on your thermal photos to determine the visible light photo with no thermal information This can help for those who have a lot of photos in low light where MSX Mixing might have dropped some key particulars in mixing the thermal image using the VGA image

25 cool travel gadgets

Narrative is a tiny 5-megapixel camera you clip onto your clothes. It takes two photos every minute automatically when turned on.

(CNN) — Yes, it’s great to travel light.

Sure, too much tech can make life trickier, not easier.

No, that’s not going to stop us listing some of the coolest gadgets, gizmos and accessories that could just make you the happiest traveler this side of the Apple store. (If only till you lose them/have them stolen.)

Narrative clip-on camera

This is a tiny five-megapixel camera that clips onto your clothes and does the work for you, automatically taking two photos every minute when turned on. The accompanying app lets you save, organize and search the images. Narrative, $279.

Modern-twist mark-mat

A washable mark-mat is a great time-waster for kids to draw on. The doodle-friendly placemats feature scenes from several top cities, including Paris and New York, and come alone or with four dry-erase markers so kids can wipe off their work and start over again. Modern-twist, $18-25.

Dom Reilly Watch Roll

This layer of high-tech foam (the same stuff used in F1 cars) protects your timepieces from 97% of the shock from an impact. Dom Reilly, $500.

Smythson Chameleon Collection Travel Journal

Jotting down your travel-related musings is made less choresome by this luxurious notebook, which has a goatskin cover and ultra-thin pages. Smythson, $280.

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Fitkit fitness solution

This portable fitness solution combines resistance bands, handled resistance tubes, a jump rope, pedometer and more in a handy package weighing less than two pounds. Fitkit, $34.99.


A “headphone in a headband” that fits snugly around your ears and provides hours of audio to help reduce ambient noises? Finally!

The wireless version ($99.95) syncs with your smart phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. SleepPhones, $39.95.

Scottevest Blackout Pocket

You can foil, or at least delay, digital thieves with this high-tech clothing pocket. The totable 5×6.5-inch pouch is lined with an RFID-blocking material, securing the info on credit cards and cellphones from scanners, skimmers and the like. SCOTTEVEST, $20-40.

Panasonic HX-A500 wearable camcorder

This is the world’s first 25-frame-a-second, 4K (very high resolution) wearable camcorder, worn on any part of the body and operated with a separate control panel. It can record underwater and if your shots are wonky, it’ll automatically level them out. Panasonic, $399.99.

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BioLite CampStove

The BioLite CampStove can toast your marshmallows and charge your smart phone. By burning a few sticks inside, enough electricity is generated to charge multiple electronic devices, while you heat water, grill some burgers or sear some s’mores. Biolitestove, $129.95.

Clever Travel Companion secureclothing

Cash, passports and other treasures can be secured in the hidden pockets of a stylish line of T-shirts, tank tops and, yes, even undies and long johns. Clever Travel Companion, starting at $21.90.


This is a colorful ID tag to personalize your baggage using a family photo, the logo of your favorite sports team or any other image. Your personal information is stored safely inside. SwaggerTag, $3.99.

SteriPEN Ultra

This clever piece of kit eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from water in just 48 seconds. The UV lamp can be used to treat 8,000 one-liter containers. SteriPEN, $99.95.

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Zeiss Victory HT 8×42 binoculars

These binoculars claim to offer the best light transmission on the market, which means you’ll still get great vision on the cloudiest of days. They’re also extremely tough, with housing made from high tensile magnesium and a coating that repels water. Cabelas, $2,249.99.

Trakdot luggage tracker

Trakdot is a compact unit outfitted with a GSM chip that you tuck in your bag, allowing you to track its location on your computer or smart phone. The price tag includes activation and your first year’s service. Trakdot, $89.99.

Bentley Mulsanne B-001 WG sunglasses

First step on the road to owning a Bentley car — the Bentley sunglasses. Made from white gold and featuring the same B found on your Bentley Mulsanne gear lever (if you own one), even the case is impressive — a reassuringly solid box designed to fit perfectly into the center console of your Bentley. Again, if you own one. Bentley Eyewear, $15,950.

“Dog Lover’s Guide To Travel

Kelly Carter’s new book dishes advice on everything from prepping your pooch for a trek to the beach (yes, they should wear sunscreen) to finding the most Fido-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks and more in 75 cities across North America. “The Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel,” $22.95.

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Ultimate Bag on Wheels pet carrier

Sherpa’s Ultimate Bag on Wheels pet carrier is a medium-sized bag with wheels for animals weighing up to 16 pounds. It’s part of the company’s Guaranteed on Board program, ensuring acceptance on Delta, Southwest and most other major airlines. Ultimate on Wheels, $147.

Simple.be metal-free belts

Simple.be makes metal-free belts that won’t set off airport security detectors. They’re made of sturdy polypropylene or polyester webbing and feature an acetal buckle.

The belts are available in a multitude of colors and feature either a diamond or zigzag pattern. simple.be, $19-29.

Mytask Urban iPhone case and toolkit

This iPhone case protects your precious cellphone, yes, but it also features a slide-out drawer outfitted with a mirror, tweezers, bottle opener, stylus, screwdriver, USB drive, mini LED light and even a pair of scissors. It’s TSA compliant, so it’s safe to go through the X-ray machine. Mytask URBAN iphone case, $60.

Louis Vuitton shower-trunk

If a standard suitcase won’t cut it, you’ll be pleased to know one of LV’s made-to-order options now includes this shower-in-a-trunk — a suitcase that turns into a shower. The bad news is you’ll only be given a price quote if you commission the brand to make one. Risky. Louis Vuitton, price on request.

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Williams Handmade luggage

Williams Handmade is a luxury leather luggage company founded by creative genius Sarah Williams — a British designer whose background includes stints at some of the world’s top leather goods companies. Her the cross-shaped Emmett case is lovely, but if you’re an imaginative traveler with money to burn, her bespoke service is the easiest way to guarantee your luggage stands out. Williams Handmade, from $146.

Two-Person Sandless Beach Mat

This towel was reportedly developed for military use, made from a woven polyurethane material that sand won’t stick to. It also won’t absorb moisture, so it won’t go moldy. Hammacher, $59.95.

Bang and Olufsen Beolit 12 travel speaker

This is just about the coolest-looking iPhone-ported speaker set you’ll find. It comes with an eight-hour battery life. Beoplay, $599.

Hendrick’s Gin with Traveler’s Case

Why reduce yourself to a hip flask when a leather satchel says so much more? A bottle of gin isn’t the only thing inside this leather bag — you also get a hip flask and a cashmere and silk scarf. Harrods, $1,349.

The Orator’s Briefcase PA System

This multipurpose suitcase is designed for businessmen making speeches on short notice. The case comes with a built-in, 20-watt amplifier, a pop-up lectern and two microphones. Hammacher, $349.95.

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