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Hope for Nigeria death-row troops

Escort Bursa — Nigerias incoming leader may evaluate the dying sentences of 66 soldiers charged for declining to battle Boko Haram an attorney has stated

Femi Falana told the BBC that Muhammadu Buhari had guaranteed to examine all procedures from the militants

He stated he was now confident the soldiers who stated they didn’t have weapons to defend myself against the Islamist insurgents wouldn’t be performed and face justice

Now it had been revealed another 579 soldiers face trial over indiscipline

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Why Boko Haram remains a threat

Who’re Nigerias Boko Haram Islamists?

Military spokesperson Sani Usman stated the courts martial presently happening within the capital Abuja would ensure professionalism within the military

The Worldwide Committee from the Red-colored Mix (ICRC) has stated the Boko Haram insurgency which started in ’09 had triggered probably the most serious humanitarian crises in Africa

Mr Falana who’s a prominent human privileges lawyer and symbolized a few of the 66 sentenced to dying for conspiracy cowardice and mutiny this past year stated the Nigerian government had unsuccessful to adequately equip the models fighting the insurgency within the north-east

They [the soldiers] didn’t sign to commit suicide but to battle for his or her fatherland because the government didn’t make weapons available these were not able to battle he told the BBCs Newsday programme

The sentences are waiting for confirmation but we’re making plans to make sure that no soldier no officer in Nigeria is performed due to the negligence from the Nigerian condition in motivating the soldiers to battle and outfitting them

He stated that outgoing Leader Goodluck Jonathan had declined to help towards the request from the charged soldiers to examine their matter

So happily the incoming government of Gen Muhammadu Buhari has guaranteed to examine the whole procedures within the north-east region and we’re certain that the instances from the officials and also the soldiers is going to be examined to ensure that justice will be performed for them

Earlier he told the Connected Press news agency the courts martial were a travesty because they were locked in secret and evidence provided by a few of the accused indicated corrupt officials frequently diverted money intended for salaries and arms

Despite a condition of emergency in three north-eastern condition Boko Haram handled to consider over many cities and towns this past year

It had been only in the finish of The month of january with military backing from Chad Cameroon and Niger the military started to recapture territory

However sporadic attacks and violence have ongoing

Whole towns have fled their towns and suffered unthinkable suffering even when the fighting stopped tomorrow it will require many years of investment and painstaking try to rebuild livelihoods and services ICRC leader Peter Maurer stated after a visit to the north-east

Help seemed to be required for the sufferers of sexual violence among common evidence the militants raped a few of the kidnapped ladies and women he stated

The audience continues to be holding a lot of women women and kids captives including 219 schools women it kidnapped from the school in Chibok in April this past year

Murder charges in hot car death

Justin Ross Harris wipes his eyes during a hearing in July

A Georgia man whose son died after he left him in a hot car for seven hours has been charged with murder.

Among the charges against Justin Ross Harris was malice murder, which means prosecutors allege he intentionally left his 22 month old son to die

The child died of hyperthermia as his body overheated amid outside temperatures of almost 90F (32C)

Mr Harris’s lawyer has said the death was a tragic accident as the father forgot his son was in the vehicle

He told police he was supposed to drop his son at a nursery but drove to work instead and forgot the toddler was in the back seat.

The indictment also charges Mr Harris of dissemination of harmful materials to a minor and accuses him of a requesting a nude photo from a teenage girl

During an earlier hearing, Cobb County Police Detective Phil Stoddard testified Mr Harris was sitting in his office exchanging nude photos with several women, including a teenage minor, on the day his son died

Mr Stoddard also told the grand jury panel Mr Harris had researched online how long and what temperature it would take to die in a hot car and looked at websites advocating a child-free lifestyle

Defence lawyer Maddox Kilgore said that was irrelevant to the case and a defence witness said Mr Harris appeared to be distraught when he realised his son had died, and was trying to resuscitate him.

Mr Harris has been in jail since his arrest on 18 June, the same day of his son’s death

James Brady’s death ruled a homicide

James Brady, a former White House press secretary who became a prominent gun-control advocate after he was wounded in the 1981 attempt on President Ronald Reagan’s life, died Monday, August 4. He was 73.

(CNN) — Former White House press secretary James Brady’s death this week was directly related to wounds he sustained in the 1981 attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, and authorities are now investigating it as a homicide, police told CNN on Friday.

Brady was shot in the head and partly paralyzed, spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair and advocating against gun violence.

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His family said in a statement that he died from health issues at 73. But a Virginia medical examiner has ruled the case a homicide, prompting a new investigation, Metropolitan Police spokeswoman Gwen Crump said.

Bill Miller, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney in Washington, said his office is reviewing the medical examiner’s findings. He had no further comment.

John Hinckley, the lone gunman who fired the shots that wounded Reagan, Brady, a police officer and a Secret Service agent outside a Washington hotel, was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

He has spent the ensuing years in a psychiatric hospital.

Hinckley was charged at the time with assault with intent to kill and assault with a dangerous weapon, and it’s unclear if he will face any new counts.

James Brady, former Reagan press secretary and gun-control advocate, dies

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