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Mystery over Paris siege balloon letter

Australias National Archive is attempting to determine the way a letter flown from Paris by balloon throughout the Prussian siege wound up in the collection

The small letter was compiled by a guy within the French capital in 1870 and it is addressed to his mother in Normandy

A (or Ch Charles) Mesnier (or Mesmier) asks his bonne mère whether she and also the family are secure

The Nation’s Archives stated there is no record of methods the intriguing bit of history showed up around australia

Assistant director-general Louise Doyle told the BBC the letter emerged throughout discussions using its French counterpart in regards to a potential exhibition

I was diving into our collections to determine what material connects to France also it was remarkable to locate this intriguing bit of history

Prussian forces trapped Paris from September 1870 until The month of january 1871 – throughout the Franco-Prussian war – once the French surrendered the town

The stamp shows the letter was published in Paris on 7 December in the center of siege and it was received approximately not much later by Madame Mesnier

We do not need any greater than a note that you’re in good condition to reassure us creates the guy whose age is unknown in small neat script

To date the siege hasn’t really had an impact on the condition in our health We do not have much meat every single day so when we all do acquire some it’s not so much but you can manage as situations are with no one out of our folks are worrying

Embrace for me personally uncle and aunt and Maria when i embrace you with all of me Your devoted boy

The guy also particulars the fervour and dedication his fellow Parisians displayed in holding back the Prussians

We can’t succeed in most our attacks however i possess the firm conviction my good mother the ultimate success is going to be for the just cause he creates

The small letter measures only 20cm x 13cm and it is labelled componen ballon monte – for delivery by heat balloon

Almost 2 million letters were sent by doing this throughout the siege to bypass the enemy after cables were cut underneath the River Seine

The balloons frequently transported important people west in addition to homing pigeons which may return messages to Paris

Letters were delicately folded right into a small envelope so as much as possible could fit within the balloon

I’ve found it romantic and stylish all within the same breath and a significant beautiful the connection this guy has with mother stated Mrs Doyle

She stated it had been possible the letter was purchased at auction after which contributed towards the Queensland Telegraph Museum nevertheless its journey wasn’t entirely obvious

The Nation’s Archives wishes to see whether there’s a good Australian reference to the letter and whether the senders relatives live in Queensland

Paris journalist fined over drone

(Escortu) — It’s illegal to fly a drone in Paris with no licence An Al Jazeera journalist continues to be penalized €1000 (£725$1120) for flying a drone in Paris a week ago at the time of the security alert sparked by inexplicable drone sightings over the city

A court also confiscated the drone from Al Jazeera journalist Tristan Redman

Mr Redman and 2 co-workers arrested with him aren’t thought to possess been from the other drone sightings

The most recent mysterious drone sighting in Paris was reported on Monday evening close to the Place p la Republique

Based on France TV the drone was spotted with a policeman protecting the offices of Liberation newspaper

Flying drones over Paris with no licence is banned legally with no evening plane tickets are permitted within the city

Mr Redman and 2 co-workers were arrested inside a Paris park last Wednesday after two successive nights of inexplicable drone sightings within the city

Al Jazeera stated they have been filming a study around the recent mystery drones

Mr Redman was the only person to become billed He’d faced an optimum one-year prison term along with a potential fine of €75000

On Tuesday his lawyer told AFP news agency the punishment was disproportionate even when individuals are on edge in the present context

They were just journalists who wished to get the job done he stated

Unmanned aerial automobiles were spotted in early hrs of Tuesday and Wednesday a week ago over sites such as the Eiffel Tower the united states embassy the Invalides military museum and 2 historic gates now transport modems around the fringes from the city

Security at key sites in Paris was stiffened recently following the killings of 17 people by Islamist gunmen and French authorities elevated alert levels were the primary reason the drones were spotted

Drone plane tickets have elevated security concerns in France before with one sighting recently within the Elysee Structure home of Leader Francois Hollande

Last fall drones were spotted above a minimum of 13 French nuclear energy plants

To date the government bodies haven’t had the ability to establish who’s behind the drone plane tickets

Summer’s spectacular skies

The fireworks on Bastille Day are a must-see if you’re in Paris. <a href=’http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-997446′>Marcia Taylor</a> attended the celebration for the first time in July 2012 and captured this display.

(CNN) — Summer is the quintessential season of leisure and fun. A time for adventure and exploration, summer is when long days consist of basking in the sun, catching fireflies in our hands, gazing up at stars and cheering with the crackle of fireworks.

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