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Stalin spies tested Mao’s poo

An old Soviet agent states he’s found evidence that Frederick Stalin spied on Mao Zedong amongst others by examining excrement to create mental portraits

Through the seem of products it had been a high secret and rather smelly experiment

Based on Russian newspaper reviews within the nineteen forties Stalins secret police had generate a special department to obtain its on the job peoples faeces

The ambitious goal: to analyse examples of foreign leaders stools

Quite simply espionage via excrement

It’s former Soviet agent Igor Atamanenko who states have uncovered this unusual project while doing research within the archives from the Russian secret services

In individuals days the Soviets didnt possess the type of listening products which secret services do today he told the paper

For this reason our specialists emerged most abundant in extravagant methods for removing details about an individual

Mr Atamanenko states it had been Stalins henchman Lavrenti Beria who had been put responsible for the key laboratory

After I approached Mr Atamanenko he explained exactly what the Soviet researchers have been searching for in faeces

For instance when they detected high amounts of amino acidity Tryptophan he described they came to the conclusion that individual was calm and friendly

But deficiencies in potassium in poo was seen as an manifestation of an anxious disposition and someone with insomnia

Mr Atamanenko claims that in December 1949 Soviet spies used this technique to judge china leader Mao Zedong who had been on a trip to Moscow They’d allegedly installed special toilets for Mao that have been connected to not sewers but to secret boxes

For ten days Mao was plied with drink and food and the waste material taken off for analysis Once Maos stools have been scrutinised and analyzed Stalin apparently poo poo-erectile dysfunction the thought of signing a contract with him

Extract in the Very coldest Winter by journalist and historian David Halberstam:

When Mao first showed up in Moscow he introduced that China anticipated a partnership with Russia but he emphasised too he thought about being treated being an equal

Rather he had been trained a lesson every day He’d become in Ulams words just as much captive as guest

As a result he yelled in the walls believing that Stalin had hassled the home: I’m here to complete greater than eat and shit

Certainly one of Russias most widely used daily newspapers Komsomolskaya Pravda reviews that Stalins successor Nikita Khrushchev scrapped the work and closed the laboratory

I approached Russias Federal Security Service the FSB to request whether it could confirm Stalins secret stool project Nevertheless the FSB had substantially less to state around the matter than Mr Atamanenko:

We can’t discuss this story came the reply