The current situation in the fight against forest fires (Ministerial Communiqué)

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Latest news! Highlights of statements by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli;

We have to coordinate 89 planes on a daily basis. It is a difficult operation.

In general, the situation regarding all fires in Muğla is improving

Greece has a demand for planes. We are trying to assess this. With fire mitigation in us, if we can, we will deliver it to Greece.

Almost 10,000,400 sorties have been carried out in Muğla so far, 180,000 tons of water have been thrown away. We currently do not have any fire threatening establishments.

In a very short time, 10 gendarmerie helicopters joined us to throw water while carrying bambi.

A damage assessment of 7,220 farmers in 22 districts and 172 villages in 6 provinces was carried out.

It is out of the question to use the burnt areas for other purposes, these areas will be reforested.

16 forest fires have occurred in Muğla. 6 planes, 39 helicopters, 630 sprinklers, 128 construction equipment and 3,000 600 people served.

2 workers fell from a cliff during cooling operations. They were taken to hospital by helicopter. No life threatening.

We will make all payments regarding TARSİM within one week. Today we sent an additional 9 million lire to Antalya.

Titles of statements by Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum;

Our damage assessment work in Antalya has been completed.

In Muğla, 2 thousand 923 buildings were examined, we found that 173 buildings and 230 independent units were affected by the fire, heavily damaged and destroyed.

We monitor the region where our thermal power station is located with 10 monitoring stations, three of which are mobile. It has been determined that there is no unsafe level that presents a high risk.

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