The fire at the approach to the Osmaniye buildings was partially contained: 1 person was arrested

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The fire, which started in the forest area of ​​the central Osmaniye district, also affected surrounding buildings.

The flames reached the retaining wall of the medics complex. The inhabitants of the buildings made up of 5 buildings of 5 floors each were evacuated as a precaution.


The fire was partially brought under control with the intervention of the Directorate of Forest Management, firefighters and police teams. Police also intervened in the flames with TOMA. Cooling works have been started in the forest area around the buildings. In the forest area, the current fire started by helicopters from the air.


On the other hand, Governor Erdinç Yılmaz came to the region and received information about the extinction efforts. Governor Yılmaz said the fire started due to the greenhouse fire in the area, the person who started the fire in the greenhouse was being detained and the fire was about to be completely mastered.

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