The “mandatory PCR test” in public transport starts on September 6

According to the press release from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures, the measures were tightened after the “Circular of obligation of PCR test for certain activities”.

In this context, from September 6, there will be a negative PCR test for interurban travel of unvaccinated or unvaccinated people by plane, bus, train or other public transport vehicles, excluding private vehicles.

Upon admission to the vehicle by travel agencies, the vaccinated person / past illness (depending on the time considered scientifically immune after the Covid-19 disease) or a negative PCR test carried out a maximum of 48 hours ago will be questioned via the HES code.

If the person has not had the disease or is not vaccinated or has a negative PCR test, they will not be allowed to travel.


Integration has also been achieved between the transport and infrastructure and automation systems of the Ministry of Health.

If the citizens who will be traveling give their consent by modifying the parameters of the HES code, the control of the results of the vaccine, immunity and PCR tests will be done automatically through the U-ETDS system of the ministry.

The regional directorates of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will also continue to carry out checks on the ground, and buses carrying passengers will be strictly inspected.


The HES code will not be searched for infant passengers under 2 years of age on train journeys. Passengers under the age of 18 will be able to buy their tickets with the HES code and travel on trains with the HES code.

Passengers over 18 will buy their tickets with the HES code. Upon boarding the train, vaccinated persons and passengers who have become immune to the disease will document their status from the HES application.

Unvaccinated and uninfected passengers will travel by submitting negative PCR test results taken up to 48 hours in advance.

HES code control will continue at stations and station entrances. Passengers who cannot present the necessary documents during the screening to be carried out at YHT checkpoints and trains will not be allowed to travel. If detected on the train, it will be removed from the train at the first station where the train stops and the ticket fee will not be refunded.

The application of the PCR test conducted by the Ministry of Health at airports will also continue. Passengers who wish can take a PCR test here.

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